Funny Sunny in court room

Bollywood Satire Sunny Deol: S Sunny Deol stood up angrily covering his face by his universe famous 2.5 kg hand as the news about court defering execution date of Nirbhaya rapist flashed on TV .Though Indian statisical deparmtent later confirmed that Sunny Dhai kilo ka haath now weigh 2.39 kgs. The court verdict has brought … Read more

Donald Trump tears apart Corona Virus as Chinese modern art

Donald Trump and Corona Virus satire Donald Trump sees the first images of corona virus and classifies it as piece of modern art he once saw in Jinping’s living room. He was 200 percent sure but on the second thought wanted Pompeo to double check for some Wuhan factory image. Never trust the party‚Äôs claims … Read more

Subramanian Swamy Corona Solution & Vedic Connection

Twitter bird went mad when ‘Dr Subramanian swamy corona cure’ started trending as he offered multiple Hindu cures directly taken from Vedas for corona virus .Dr swamy said he got this wisdom while dreaming in Mandarin,his favourite langauge.He has often quoted his sleepwalk sessions with President Xi on solving Indo China chowmein problems and supply of … Read more

Rajnikanth Joke: Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild

Rajnikanth Funny Story: After a successful Man ki Baat with PM Modi, Bear Grylls was more than ‘Rajni’ percent sure that his shooting with Rajnikant would be as smooth as Thalaiva’s dialogues. Rajni had already rehearsed with Modi for each frames,angles matching ‘Bear Grylls with modi‘ soap opera. Modi had privately informed Rajni that till … Read more

IPL 2024 Satire: Super Over in Ind vs Nz Cricket


“Super over in ICC Live match in New Zealand will be banned forever” tweeted New Zealand PM. Kane Williamson instantly replied “super over will be OVER in our next super over.” New Zealand government has announced country’s highest galantry award for this brave tweet. PM tweeted “We have had high noise pollution levels during these … Read more

Donald Trump Satire: Lets have Hot Dogs as i love “hot”

Donald Trump is the most serious comedian in the history of mankind Donald Trump loves hot be it hot temper, hot deals , hot economy, hot ladies or even dogs.Launching forward his US presidential campaign, Trump had announced ‘USA Economy is hottest on earth’. Mother of climate change Greta Thunberg immediately tweeted ” How Dare … Read more

Trump Had Declared Corona Virus as modern art: White House Controvery

Trump Satire: President Trump has announced to build a wall across the borders of USA. President got this trumpet idea when Einstein visited him in his dreams. As per Trump tales, Einstein advised him to act on this Best idea, beautiful idea to make America Greater than the greatest america, again and again till Americans … Read more

Kobe Bryant last game: Sports Tribute

Kobe Bryant last game of life was hard, harder than eating Gobhi,indian cauliflower. Kobe must have been a soft man much like Indian Gobhi. Kobe like all of us must have planned life with same surreal surity. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of unpredictability surprises our Wisdom with its uncertainty. kobe played his last game of … Read more

Indian Politics Satire: T20 today match with Chronology


Spectators following ball by ball chronology in T20 today match were satisfied about Jasprit Bumrah,the Man who is never ‘gumrah’with his line and length. Bumrah restrained New Zealand team for a mediocre score in today t20 match. The ongoing India vs New Zealand match has been delayed by 30 minutes. As per chronolgoy, Rohit Sharma … Read more

Delhi Elections likely to be shifted to london: Latest Political Satire

“Delhi Elections 2025 will be held in London exactly like IPL matches” was written on EC twitter timeline on 70th Birthday of Constitution.A Senior Election commision bureaucrat said “Looking at the increasing pollution of Delhi we need to do Dexit exiting from New Delhi on the lines of Brexit.” Kejriwal’s cough has raised the alarming … Read more