Donald Trump tears apart Corona Virus as Chinese modern art

Donald Trump and Corona Virus satire

Donald Trump sees the first images of corona virus and classifies it as piece of modern art he once saw in Jinping’s living room. He was 200 percent sure but on the second thought wanted Pompeo to double check for some Wuhan factory image.


Never trust the party’s claims till you have the actual ‘check’ he murmured .Corona much like democracy is neither finding a place in his heart nor or mind said one of the close confidantes.

Trump said “Mike will fix this.”. Both Pompeo and Pence looked puzzled whether to send a team of bombers or doctors for his fix .Trump said he wants to focus solely on fighting for impunity as on now ,humanity,immunity or for that matter any Ty can wait.

Trump was still not sure of chinese whispers about Corona Virus. For confirmation he called Modi and said “ Hey Modi, we both sound same now, me being moody,how are you?” Modi replied “ Am good .Neither I am here, nor am there, tell me my friend what should I care?”

Trump understood the menace of his round round diplomacy is seriously firing back. Call got disconnected after 10 seconds said the unconfirmed reports.Donald Trump has launched a programme called Lets make Corona Virus, Virus Free for China

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