can hernia be cured by homeopathy medicine?

INGUINAL HERNIA CURE BY HOMEOPATHY: Homeopathy is a rational therapeutic system and science of medicine. This system treat the patient from both internally and externally without causing any harm and also they treat person as whole rather than just focusing on the disease. They focus not only on the disease but on the  patient’s whole … Read more

Do Ganglion Cysts Cure with Homeopathic Medicine?

GANGLION CYSTS CURE BY HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE:  As we know, homeopathy is a therapeutic system whose aim is to treat the person as a whole, not just the disease aspects. Homeopathy medicines are prepared from plants and animal sources, and they are based on the principle of “like cures like.” They find the simillimum in the … Read more

Homeopathy Treatment for Fatty Liver

FATTY LIVER HOMOEOPATHY TREATMENT WHAT IS FATTY LIVER DISEASE? Accumulation of fat in liver for metabolism purpose. Depending upon the cause and amount of accumulation, fatty change may be mild and reversible, or severe producing irreversible cell injury and cell death. The development of a fatty liver may depend on the stage at which the … Read more

How to plan a trip to Shillong

Planning a trip to Shillong Meghalaya is a state in the crevice of India near Bangladesh and Assam.  It was formed on January 21st, 1972 when it was carved out of Assam. Meghalaya has further been divided into twelve districts: East Garo Hills, North Garo Hills, West Garo Hills, South West Garo Hills, East Khasi … Read more


HERNIA CURE BY HOMOEOPATHY MEDICINE Hernia is protrusion of portion of a discussion through an abnormal opening in the wall of its natural cavity.The most common sorts of hernia are inguinal (inward crotch) Incisional (coming about from an cut) Femoral (external crotch) Umbilical (paunch button) Hiatal (upper stomach). TYPES OF HERNIA: In an inguinal hernia, … Read more

Medicine for Lipoma in Homeopathy: Best available options

Lipoma treatment and medicine in homeopathy: What is lipoma? Lipomas are localized, poorly encapsulated masses of adipose tissue (fat cells); these can be asymptomatic, create ball-valve obstructions (as with myxomas), or produce arrhythmias.They grow beneath the skin and muscles. Soft and doughy to the touch. They move easily with slight pressure. Generally small (typical lipomas … Read more

Avascular Necrosis Treatment in Homeopathy

Avascular Necrosis Treatment: Avascular necrosis is an osteonecrosis condition (painful bone) that can affect the moving ability of bones in your body. It occurs because it cuts off blood flow to one of your bones. Which include broken bones, dislocated bones like hips, knees, and ankles, the use of radiation therapy, and alcoholism. In chronic … Read more

Supreme Court Directs SBI to Furnish Details of donors of Electoral Bonds in India by 12th March 2024

Supreme Court Directs SBI to Furnish Details of donors of Electoral Bonds The Supreme Court of India, in a huge development, has directed the State Bank of India (SBI) to furnish detailed information regarding electoral bonds by 12th March 2024. This directive comes in the mid growing concerns about transparency and accountability in political funding … Read more

School Reopening Notice Sample Formats

School Reopening Notice: Sample Format 1 DPS RK PURAM Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians, We are pleased to announce the reopening of DPS RK PURAM following an extended closure due to COVID. We are excited to welcome back our students and resume in-person learning, adhering to all necessary safety protocols to ensure a secure and … Read more