Homeopathy Treatment for Fatty Liver

FATTY LIVER HOMOEOPATHY TREATMENT WHAT IS FATTY LIVER DISEASE? Accumulation of fat in liver for metabolism purpose. Depending upon the cause and amount of accumulation, fatty change may be mild and reversible, or severe producing irreversible cell injury and cell death. The development of a fatty liver may depend on the stage at which the … Read more


HERNIA CURE BY HOMOEOPATHY MEDICINE Hernia is protrusion of portion of a discussion through an abnormal opening in the wall of its natural cavity.The most common sorts of hernia are inguinal (inward crotch) Incisional (coming about from an cut) Femoral (external crotch) Umbilical (paunch button) Hiatal (upper stomach). TYPES OF HERNIA: In an inguinal hernia, … Read more

Medicine for Lipoma in Homeopathy: Best available options

Lipoma treatment and medicine in homeopathy: What is lipoma? Lipomas are localized, poorly encapsulated masses of adipose tissue (fat cells); these can be asymptomatic, create ball-valve obstructions (as with myxomas), or produce arrhythmias.They grow beneath the skin and muscles. Soft and doughy to the touch. They move easily with slight pressure. Generally small (typical lipomas … Read more

Avascular Necrosis Treatment in Homeopathy

Avascular Necrosis Treatment: Avascular necrosis is an osteonecrosis condition (painful bone) that can affect the moving ability of bones in your body. It occurs because it cuts off blood flow to one of your bones. Which include broken bones, dislocated bones like hips, knees, and ankles, the use of radiation therapy, and alcoholism. In chronic … Read more

What is XE Omnicron Variant?

WHAT IS XE Omnicron Variant? The XE variant is a recombinant of two Omicron variants (BA.1 + BA.2). Recombinant variants are new strains of the virus created as a result of genetic mutations which occur when two different variants infect the same host cell. Some previously identified variants of the novel coronavirus include XA, XB … Read more

Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Menstruation is one of the most significant biological processes a woman’s body undergoes. Therefore, it is no surprise that we tend to be fearful ,over conscious with the idea of getting our very first period. We often forget to pay attention to the need for ensuring good menstrual hygiene. It is always beneficial to be … Read more

Aspergillosis : New Fungal Infection After Coronavirus Recovery

After black, white and yellow fungus, the threat of a new type of fungal infection called aspergillosis has generated fear among recovered COVID-19 patients. Many cases of nasal aspergillosis, which infects the sinuses are being reported from two of the government hospitals in Vadodara, Gujarat in May 2022. Aspergillosis is an infection caused by Aspergillus, a … Read more