Avascular Necrosis Treatment in Homeopathy

Avascular Necrosis Treatment:

Avascular necrosis is an osteonecrosis condition (painful bone) that can affect the moving ability of bones in your body. It occurs because it cuts off blood flow to one of your bones. Which include broken bones, dislocated bones like hips, knees, and ankles, the use of radiation therapy, and alcoholism. In chronic cases, most people may undergo surgery—like joint replacement—to ease pain and improve mobility.

Avascular necrosis affects people of all ages and genders. But this condition mainly affects those in the 30s–40s age group. More commonly, avascular necrosis affects the hip bones. Other bones also affect things like:Ankles, Wrist,  Knees, Upper limb bone (humerus) Jaw bone .

Avascular Necrosis Treatment in Homeopathy
Avascular necrosis of hip bone

Avascular necrosis symptoms start appearing in the body when the blood flow ceases or is reduced in the bone. The first symptoms to appear are pain, but gradually the symptoms become worse and may lead to stiffness of muscles and bones, spasms in muscles, and walking and standing difficulties. 

People of the modern era, if suffering from avascular necrosis disease, went for allopathic modes of treatment like joint replacement and surgical procedures. And many other medications process and treat therapy, but the most harmless and permanently curable way to treat avascular necrosis is by homeopathy. In any case, whether it is acute or chronic, treatment for both diseases can be done.

Homeopathy is a rational therapeutic system of medicine in which potentiated and diluted drugs are formed. Which include globules, mother tincture, and powdered drugs . These forms of drugs (medicine) are given on the basis of disease aspects. These drugs are made from natural sources like plants, vegetables, animals, and minerals.

Homeopathy is a system that treats the individual as a whole rather than just focusing on disease aspects. The homeopathy principle is based on “similia similibus curentur,” which means substances that produce similar symptoms as disease and treat the patient. Homeopathic drug testing was done on healthy human beings.So, on that basis, the individual should not worry about the side effects of the medicine, as all medicines in homeopathy are tested on living things.

Treatment of avascular necrosis in this case required proper case-taking. On the basis of case-taking, the cure for a suffering person’s symptoms can be found, and the remedy can be prescribed based on the symptoms. Remedies are chosen on the basis of symptoms, and symptoms can be found from location, sensation, modalities, and concomitant factors of the case.

If the avascular necrosis is of acute character, the case should not require many details of the suffering person’s. But if the disease is of chronic character and requires patient life histories like emotional, social, financial, physical, mental, childhood, and family details, then remedies can be prescribed. 

If a patient is suffering from avascular necrosis, listed below are the symptoms and treatment of homeopathic medicine. 

✓Pain in the hip joint

✓Motion gives more pain. 

✓Infection can hasten abscess formation.

✓difficulty walking and standing for a long time.

✓Hip movement is in a limited range.

✓distress and anxiety due to chronic pain.

✓inflammation or swelling

✓stitching pain.


✓bruise injury

Remedies which can be prescribed in case of avascular necrosis are :

  • Phosphorus is a polychrest remedy that causes inflammation and degeneration of mucous membranes. It destroys bones, especially the lower jaw and tibia. Recommended in avascular necrosis conditions.
  • Silicea is both a pus-forming remedy and a polychrest remedy. In the case of avascular necrosis, if a suffering person’s infection or pus-forming abscess symptoms appear, Silicea can be prescribed.
  • Ruta: beneficial remedy for mechanical injury in bones like fractures, dislocations, and other minor injuries like sprains, bruises, etc. A ruta remedy is useful if pain and inflammation of the bones are more common in cases of avascular necrosis.
  • Calcarea phosphorica: This remedy is mainly used for the development and growth of bones and tissue. It leads to improper bone ossification, bending of long bones, and malnutrition. The best remedy when the growth of bones has ceased in cases of avascular necrosis.
  • Bryonia alba is an acute and chronic remedy. The main symptom of bryonia is that it worsens with motion. It is recommended when patients have stiffness, muscle spasms, weakness, and aggravation by slight motion in the case of avascular necrosis.
  • Kali carbonicum: Recommended when patients have stitching pain in their joints and cannot  bear the pain. The best remedy for pain in avascular necrosis is stitching pain.