Delhi Elections likely to be shifted to london: Latest Political Satire

“Delhi Elections 2025 will be held in London exactly like IPL matches” was written on EC twitter timeline on 70th Birthday of Constitution.A Senior Election commision bureaucrat said “Looking at the increasing pollution of Delhi we need to do Dexit exiting from New Delhi on the lines of Brexit.” Kejriwal’s cough has raised the alarming … Read more

Bollywood satire: Ek country thi diwani si

India woke up on 26th January with Republic day song with a Bollywood connection “Ek country thi diwani si,ek consitution pe wo marti thi” literally meaning that There was a lovely country which fell in love for its constitution. I could exactly hear ShahRukh Khan in YRF’s Mohattein delivering the famous line of the film. … Read more

Adnan Sami Song wins him Padma Bhushan: latest Satire

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Adnan Sami Song Mujh ko bhi lift kara de was a hit song 20 years back. It has helped Non Resident Pakistani(NRP) of India win Padma Bhushan. His Periodic prayers/ sajdas for his upliftment has been asnwered by the Hindu loving government when it conferred Padma Bhushan. Adnan was bit sad though as he did … Read more

latest bigg boss Satire- Siddhartha Shukla is a man of words

Satire News: Siddhartha-Shukla-twitter account is busy being man of word account, a new for even Bigg Boss. Seems our desi Shukla knows to do lots of English Mc,Bc to Asim Riaz who has not done single ‘riaz’ to fight with this cute body builder. Sid is skilled in the phraseology,the distant cousin of recently discovered … Read more

latest Indian Satire: Bigg Boss Siddharth Shukla

Indian Satire Siddharth Shukla was the topic in and out of Bigg Boss 13 house. He was hungry for morning breakfast. As a result ,he was eating Poha in one episode ,twitter bird chirped Poha tweets. With great powers comes great nautanki commented Asim Riaz. But Siddharth lost 10 kgs by just overthinking about missing … Read more