Indian Satire: Bigg Boss Siddharth Shukla

Indian Satire

Siddharth Shukla is the topic in and out of Bigg Boss 13 house.He was hungry for morning breakfast. As a result ,he was eating Poha in one episode ,twitter bird chirped Poha tweets.

With great powers come great nautanki commented Asim Riaz. But Siddharth lost 10 kgs by just overthinking of despite AR(asim riaz) of great AR Rehman ,how can somone be so unmusical to ears.

Thus ,even without any wife he ensured ‘siddharth Shukla Wife’ trend on twitter with 33 crores tweets.

In the meantime, Donald Trump tweeted in his support for Siddharth Shukla Twitter Trends and then deleted only to blame Russia for hacking his account for fraction of seconds.

Siddhart Shukla big boss 13

In the afternoon,Rashmi Desai announced hastag GOAT has started trending. Somebody informed her about Sid’s mutton biryani lunch.

Asim poking at Sid “For kids ,there are two types of goat ,one is an animal called BAKRA and the other is for my kinds, Greatest of all time. Rashmi, please enlighten the kids in the house .”

Asim Riaz murmured “why Federer is trending” .Sid quirped “Beta,Dont try to be teachers to an OLD MONK.”

Good enough reply for Big boss house to dial firefighters. Gas cylinder blasted itself as it did not want to cook boring Rajma Chawal.

In the other frame of bigg boss house , there are some extinct actors chattering with their huge volume of no work and tonnes of no money leading them to be in house.

All such bhakts of Shakt LAUNDA reached Shukla’s bed with many shades of black tea matching his goggles and mood.

Seeing this Siddharth wearing his goggles, giggled at 45 degrees left of Asim. Thereby siddhart declares ” Siddharth Shukla is missing being Bigg Boss of BIGG BOSS 13 “.