Valentine Girlfriend satire

Satire News: In a latest love words for Donald Trump, few of the American generals are showering their love with full PDA. Most Of them are worried about his dealing skills  in Ukraine saga where the hunter was not hunted and biden is still to be kept in his Den.  Ukraine saga was a truth which was not proven but found its way of settling down in right thinking minds .

Generals are firing volleys of love and appreciation with full scale and intensity for his fake news attempt on Ukraine and Impeachment thing.

Few generals in the ranks of Alexanders and Kellys don’t like the fact that Trump is incoherently twisting even the Trump lies as fake news. This has led many war veterns to doubt trump excellence as a barometer for measuring verified but personal truth. Lies about lies makes it a actual truth . Seems Trump is in catch 22 dilemma.

 Such mistakes in a consistent well managed false narrative of nationalism and xenophobia is a lie opener for the trump administration.

Such a mistaken act of trustfulness is really confusing americans on what not to believe. So far their hearts and minds knew to work at two different fronts dealing Trump but Kidneys have begun to complain on the new developments on Ukraine and trial stuff.

Nancy the shredder is again at her shredding best the pieces of lies to enact likes of Renee or Marlyn. Sometimes act becomes becomes bigger than the actor. Shredders got a new voice from the lady.

Meanwhile Twitter has started verified profiles to turn yellow from blue for fake news propagators.Followers of trump are trending yellow screens on twitter.

Trump shared some pictures on Valentine day on this link