IPL 2023 comedy

fever of IPL 2022 has crossed 104 F and is not out .RCB has changed its logo and Jersey design in order to divert the effectiveness of the inswings from planet Saturn and duck the extreme pace of Mars .

Sani and Mangal is what Indians call them. They create complication when they are heavy on thers due to lack of scientific astrolgogical treatments.  

RCB team management of IPL 2022  had the option of finding a astrology driven solution or believe on team coach to do a vodoo black magic from black caps member Simon Katch.

 Virat Kohli like a true professional wanted the practice of toss to decide.

But after much discussion finally Indian traditions prevailed considering its effectiveness in each new inititatives from Vedic times.

Official astrologer Baba Bengully with the Gully boy looks predicted that yellow is causing the problem and it needs to replaced by a yellow but more yellowish than the last one. He suggested the golden yellow .

He chanted “yellow yellow,treat the dirty fellow” for 108 times and we immediately saw a Huge change. Lion also returned back from the caves of Africa after completing his tight shooting schedules of  Disney productions The Lion king.

Cricket specific Yagna was done wearing new jersey with all team members chanting “om ipl aaye namoh, om ipl aaye namoh” meaning the god of cricket shower us the IPL. Tendulka’s image flashed on mobile phones and replied Vijaiyi Bhavah.

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