Donald Trump Satire: Wall to answer opposition

Trump literally is leaving a mark on lovechild of US government also knows as trump wall. But this man is obsessed with power and media attention to keep him twitter busy.

Trump latest Remarks on Mexican wall – he is luvin it !!

The man knows well to leave his impression on THE wall by simple tools like pen.

Trump did not get approval from the congress for wall fund.Approvals?What approvals?He keeps hearing this word from his nursery class and he has fails to understood it fully .

Thus, he does what he thinks but the problem is of time spent on thinking on anything except for making america aka Trump great again. 

Like his buildings there are openings or holes around white house as well which will keep the system running.

The guy just extended the national emergecny ON US Mexico border wall which is going to cost him nothing and America just few billions .

Trump thinks that it is now supremely judicious considering the onset of Corona guys. That is why wall in & all problems out is what his economically stable mind sees when he is intropecting hearing Jazz.

Cant we, therefore, trust This true son of god who wanted to make america great even before his landing on earth.

Trump thinks he is Son of God

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3o ft border wall in corona days

No sooner had he LANDED on America soil ,his mother could hear chants of Lets make america great .Such is the passion of the man to make great beautfiul lovely walls.

Some wise guys said never elect a construction guy as your country head else he will be good in making walls,roads and stories. Some of these wonderful stories will haunt you back as LIES with special branding for The POTUS.

As his lies keep coming so often, truths think that should have a morality change surgery . Now Truth aspires to be a trump lie in his regime in these times.

So, America will never forget itself for such a supreme BEING landing on its soil with SUCH reality distortion syndrome .

As you know he believes that Corona is a HOAX of democrats now it seems to be HAUNTED reality for the GOT winner in politiics.

Hence, these things happen when magician becomes the owner of the circus. Things start disappearing at will without accountability.

He is caught between love and choice. Donald Trump wall is his love and making america great again is his choice.