Donald Trump satire: India Visit

Donald Trump, the erstwhile POTUS, seems to be in great hurry to garner more attention despite all the tsunami of attention which he got due to his platonic but temporary relationship wiht the title of President,USA.

Pic Credit:Trump Twitter ac

Some kids are born with the kilos of attention making them being right in every tiny segment of their thoughts and every inches of their imagination. This time the kid is newly born 73 years old man.

This Kid bullies when he seeks attention to put the opposition down. TRUMP bullies them left when they are right, bullies right when he is wrong. This Donald without a duck bullys the bullies fully knowing that he is the NATIVE BULLY just like his twitter account. Trump is BullyBoy of America . This 100% democratic guy with a 200 % dictatorial heart feeds on attention from the bootliquors across the globe. He has only one challenger from the other part of this beautiful mother earth, his ISO 9002 certified Friend Modi.

Trump often jokes Modi

Chinese Pandas have requested some coaching classes to improve their performance in hugs like these two masters of hugging. These two guys are way simile similar in their apporach of dealing with ‘other’ buddies and questioning teachers .

They are into an alliance of mutual back scratches. Indian showcases Trump’s friendship as Jai power of India sharing diases with the mightiest Veeru of World. Indigenous indian mortals are hashished by such HUGACIOUS visuals thinking India is just there on the outer loop line of american supremacy.

Americans gives nothing except for good words of friendship,love ,camardarie and social media appreciation. Trump used his best friend popularity and his country’s population as a platform.

These hugs and friendship love helped Trump in LOOKING democratic in communist photos for the moody democratic americans. Hence, It makes him acceptable man across the world as the American leader in eyes of White Americans .

This helps Trump pitch for some fractional but important votes from Indian americans,just in case they are needed.Good times for the septuagenarian Wonders. Long will live Great America to make India a Vishwaguru.

Donald Trump is at best when he knows he is the best. Hence, Lets Welcome Donald Trump in his HUGGACIOUS buddy’s land of India.

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