Ananya Panday joke on Filmfare in lockdown

Strugglers finally saw their champion warrior finally get her much awaited dues for strugggles of her on and off camera life.

But how can anyone forget that the girl was seen struggling in the extreme weather conditions of switzerland during summers last year?

Judges liked the fact that despite her parents struggles to struggle,she hanged in there on those bollywood’s papa ki pari ‘themed parties.Hence ,this award for the newcomer has given a real voice to the struggler community.

‘Yes i can do it ‘ were the only three words she used to chant whenever she had to attend such a party at the terrace of the struggling dance teacher Dr Terrance.

Ananya Panday in corona lockown is missing her parties

Karan johar started crying when he heard name of Ananya and hugged both his kids in happiness. He was so happy to see Ananya struggle to fake her fake emotions.

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Ananya thinks this is not properly whitewashed building

Karan has decided to keep a family party with Vicky Kaushal of Uri fame to do some high jumps once the pooja function at the family is over.

The biggest struggler of Bollywood has shared the picture of a struggling bollywood star who was seen brooming houses to make her ends meet.

General knowledge on Ananya Panday | Corona is bigg of Modiji being played in summers

Height- 1.7 meters,age -21 years and yes she is hot .Click here for some of the pictures of ananya panday.

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