Donald Trump Satire: Wall is the answer to opposition

wall donald trump satire

Trump latest Remarks on Mexican wall – he is luvin it !! Trump literally is leaving a mark on lovechild of US government, also popular as trump wall. But this dashing and deadly democratic American kim jon unn, is obsessed with power and media attention so as to keep him twitter busy. The man knows quiet well … Read more

Nasa Humour: Christina Koch lands on earth

Nasa stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and NASA stood with Christina Koch on her return to Earth 2 years back. Although she is back on earth with her family but she does not feel home. Koch is missing the company of stars she met during her stay in space. Koch quoted “I do … Read more

Subramanian Swamy Corona Solution & Vedic Connection

Twitter bird went mad when ‘Dr Subramanian swamy corona cure’ started trending as he offered multiple Hindu cures directly taken from Vedas for corona virus .Dr swamy said he got this wisdom while dreaming in Mandarin,his favourite langauge.He has often quoted his sleepwalk sessions with President Xi on solving Indo China chowmein problems and supply of … Read more

Kobe Bryant last game: Sports Tribute

Kobe Bryant last game of life was hard, harder than eating Gobhi,indian cauliflower. Kobe must have been a soft man much like Indian Gobhi. Kobe like all of us must have planned life with same surreal surity. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of unpredictability surprises our Wisdom with its uncertainty. kobe played his last game of … Read more