Nasa Humour: Christina Koch lands on earth

Nasa stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration and NASA stood with Christina Koch on her return to Earth 2 years back. Although she is back on earth with her family but she does not feel home.

Koch is missing the company of stars she met during her stay in space. Koch quoted “I do miss those smooth gravity free walks in space without traffic and pollution.”

Her senior at Nasa confirmd that Koch is afraid to see herself in the mirror as she starts creeping in everytime she sees a human face without the typical space suit.

Doctors are treating her wearing hospital aprons and bike helmets with closed glass visors.

Once she sees the doctors with helmets, Chrisitna runs and hugs them and starts shouting “ET my friend,ET my friend” Though young Doctors loved the new SPACIAL special hug straight from the ailes of the stars,they are yet to find out a way to be an ‘ET’.

Doctors  are also struggling with ways to stop her from doing rounds of the hospital. Doctors have reported that she is circling around the hospital 20 times every day to match her space schedule of having done some 5,248 orbits of the Earth .

Her mind is now obsessed to keep going round and round to give her a sense of cosmic spacial connection.

Nasa, in the meantime, has confirmed that Jadoo who is a Bollywood character is a close relative of Spielberg’s ET.

Jadoo was sent back to space 15 years ago when the shooting of the film,marketing etc was completed.

Sources from Nasa, on the condition of anonymity, has admitted “ET established a contact with Nasa 4 years back and suggested them to have a human-alien partnership in Space. Since he had been to earth and humans learnt about its species.

He wanted their men to see how humans are. Considering the services of ET to humanity ,Nasa guys gave a go ahead and Christina Koch was sent in space almost a year back”

Nasa director informed reporters”Nasa stands for species across galaxies and is looking forward to take this Man to not so man ie alien bonding to create ELONIAN civilization”


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