Latest Life humour- What whether like today

“what weather like today?” surfed a curious net serfer. Nothing but big Mc Burger replies the weather to the old man.

“what weather like today? Is this the question you ask to the grown up adult of mother nature?” said an angry Colardo weather.He goes full on highly frustrated “the only modern day grandma of our planet,Greta Thunberg, knows the right way to deal with you bully.

How dare you ? when she thunders even Mr. Trump wonders “how dare I ?anyway,it must be democrats, is how he ignores her”

Colarado Weather has not taken it too well on finding so many guys breaching its privacy guaranteed under the constitution of America.

People are asking third parties bing,yahoo,google with questions like how is the weather, how weather today,weather today,weather,tomorrow,weather hourly,weather 5 day, weather 7 days,weather forecast ?

Colardo weather says “don’t you guys have courtesy to directly contact me by being in heavens in the mornig and hell in the eveings ?

Why the hell you guys are bitching with third parties like google ,bing if the matter can be resolved bilaterally?”

He is rightly furious about not getting enough air to breathe free and space to walk easy in mountains,see the cloud.Constant surveillance and follow ups by humans has ruined his social life with its cousins forest,bird,rivers,all of them being part of his grandma Nature family tree.

So far Denver weather had been chilling like anything. Reported exchange of heated words,tweets and arguments in the senate discussion has led it to decide its course.

He thinks lowly of Nancy and for Trump he has ordered latest dictionary for something more extreme.

Colardo Weather being a patriotic american weather knows the right thing to do in these engulfing times of hate speeches,soaring tempers in public discussions.

It has been cool to think rationally for Colardo citizens. For America and for American social harmony, Denver Weather decided to chill for few more days.

Trump seems to be firing up all cylinders to take revenge for his lost tweeting hours due to impeachment trial.

Weather correspondents tried to establish contact but colardo weather is a private man and does not like giving predicting its mood tomorrow,today later in the day, or any other day.

He says I am moody ,don’t judge me by asking again and again “what whether like today?”


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