Jokes for Adults

jokes for adults are the ones which has double meaning, indirect remarks meaning to cause laughter

Jokes for Adults

what will you do with a lying pole when a beautiful lady is unable to cross it ?

What wiill hen say to her husband when he is honking ?
Dont be so horny

Where does a cat keep its honey ?

what is the name of the projectile which is standing straight?

Who is the best known jinn in Arabic stories ?

What will a cock say to a cat when he visit her house ?
May i come in please

what will you say to your pussy when she scratches your face ?
you are a cunt

What will a parent cock say to his junior ?
You belong to the dicks

What is the name of the tool used by male cock?

What will name a beautiful cat ?
A fanny

Sam : Are you still virgin?
Susan:yes,just fcked an hour earlier and need some more .Do you mind lending a helping hand ? Sam: i have my big tool.
Susan:But a tool with inexperienced hands is dagerous for machine as well as the hands.

Dr Love is a painter,what should be his collection of paintings known as ?

Which is the best course for a John and a Maria in university of life?

What will u call two Australian friends when you see them chit chatting ?

What will a machine tell a fastener when it is tightening it hard ?
Dont screw up things