Donald Trump election campaign Satire

Donald Trump was hoping this ‘high giving’ trial will carry on for few more months to keep him engaged in the hottest way America can be managed .

Trump just hugged his body double from Hollywood to pose for the perfect hug. It was an act of acting to fake news guys about how he feels for them. Trump also announced there will a huge hug series with serial huggers like Indian PM Modi as leading contender for the hug title.

Donald Trump did give a big daddy look to Washington Post journalist who could not bear his intense demeanour matching only with the likes of Hitler in jojo Rabbit or a Joker with 11 oscar nominations this year.

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Trump was emotionally drained to accept the fact that now he won’t have anything much to tweet for at least coming 6 months.With nancy shredded, Joe bedded and Hunter dreaded, Trump was left lonely to imagine issues and tweet.

He informed ‘daddy’s girl’ Ivanka that he is now bored of these Al Qaeda terrorist wearing same boring dresses during the kill and much boring names to spell in press conferences.

For the last 4 months,he had maintained a tight 24 tweeting hours schedule which involved 73k tweets about Nancy in the morning, 730k in afternoon on why Democrats suck , 73k tweets after 8 P.M.on how he is making america great again.

His tweets with such a harmonious frequency of coming out has been a symphony matching none lesser than the likes of Mozart.

While reflecting back on his presidency somedays Donald Trump also tweets about evil EVILS who played double bad with his 3 sons,2 wife/ex wife and his very own lonely himself.

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