Funny Donald Trump Election campaign 2024

Funny Donald Trump Election satire:

Donald Trump latest update says that he was joking to Ukraniane PRime Minister about lack of hard hitting PUBG players in Ukraine during war times.

Trump tweeted “This phone call is reconfigured by AI with my artistic words. It was cooked as the final transcript and shared with white house black sheeps.

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i will rear this ba ba ba ba black sheep guy in the rears of my beautiful ranche when i am done playing ping pong with Democratic kim jon un in june.”

Trump further added that “PUBG phone call was manipulated, modified only to sound like a credible Jk Rowling Harry Potter. Fake news guys are faking truth to avoid trump lies to grow on pure american minds.”

His Spicy tweets have twisted the matter in his favour just hours before the trails are over. He will be acquitted free, like freely free to make America great again.

As per him, Ukraniane fiasco is the result of Russian hackers with screwed minds to loosen the bolts of American Greatness.

As per Trump latest tweets “Words like Nancy,Joe, Biden will be democratically deleted from american dictionary after 2020 election”.

Biden will be asked  to sit in his house and watch Friends series to act exactly like Joe of Friends rather than trying to be bond,James bond in America.

Trump further adds “although joe has two dens in his surname ,he deserves a single den after US presidential elections in 2020”.

Donald Trump accused Pelosi of not using shredders to tear the Sotu speech .”Our employment is already on a 50 year and this lady is not bothered to use advanced machines of America for ripping such papers.

Democrats have added a big, big zero to economy”

Donlad Trump latest news report is from his last tweet “This Hunter guy has really disturbed my morning filtered coffee sessions with my daugther over the last 4 months.

Hunting will be prohibited across America and its hottest economy on earth.”

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