Kobe Bryant last game: Sports Tribute

Kobe Bryant last game of life was hard, harder than eating Gobhi,indian cauliflower. Kobe must have been a soft man much like Indian Gobhi. Kobe like all of us must have planned life with same surreal surity. Sometimes the sheer magnitude of unpredictability surprises our Wisdom with its uncertainty. kobe played his last game of life without THE Game being in his hands.

For someone in distant India without much interest in Basketball , it is not really surprising to not know the man for the impact he had on millions in America. Kobe was rich ,famous,inspirational but this kid must have been under the shadows of his father. Few excel to replicate what their legend parents have acheived. But this MF was not the one who would die any less rich,inspiring,famous.

Besides being an inspiration to all shades of skins, this ‘nigga’ had the heart of a legendary lion and tenderness of a dovish deer. The high flyer as they called him flied high while he lived and literally in his death as well. He came, he flyied, he died. The born flyer even in his last game.

Sometimes you just feel for the people whom you dont know much in life in terms of who they were ,what they did in their life to be where they are . But , one relates to many such idiots who are intelligent enough to know that they are smart. He was only 99.99% similar colour,age as some of us but we missed being clones for that missing minor percentage.

Life is unpredictable but someday death will defeat its unpredictability. We might not be as lucky in life and unlucky in death like Bryant.

Thanks kobe for being BRYANT. Personally, i might have died knowing just Gobhi phonetially same as you but lacking your gentleness, greatness and perseverance.

You,actually, were not an influence on us till your death. But Since you are such a big hard skinned nut, how would you have allowed us to not like you, be inspired by you.You did it not in your life but definately in your death and reinforced one more time. life is short ,time is limited ,live it before UNPREDICTability becomes really predictable for your death .

Thanks again for being what you were. Kobe Bryant last game will never be the REAL last for his fans and those who loved him for being.

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