You are currently viewing Indian Politics Satire: T20 today match with Chronology

Indian Politics Satire: T20 today match with Chronology

Satire:Spectators following ball by ball chronology in t20 today match were satisfied about Jasprit Bumrah,the Man who is never ‘gumrah’with his line and length. Bumrah restrained New Zealand team for a mediocre score in today t20 match.

The ongoing India vs New Zealand match has been delayed by 30 minutes. As per chronolgoy,Rohit Sharma intentionally got himself cheaply out as he was bored to see third umpire’s face.

Rumours in the dressing room are rife that the actual reason for match delay is the ongoing bedtime stories by Kohli uncle to Ziva Dhoni over the phone.

Dhonis have gone to attend the engagement party of HARDik Pandya.So far, this had been the story of T20 today match.

After such a cute phone call, Virat was seen discussing AI of management ‘CHRONOLOGY‘ with Ravi Shastri.They decided right combination of players to come for celebrating Indian victory. Kohli had a vada paav in the morning keeping in mind the right chronology to win todays match.

K L Rahul,the signed Kuala Lampur Airlines’ unofficial ambassador is watching cricket ball come and go as if some girls are passing by him. Although he is loving the movement but unable to control the focus.

In the dressing room Raina is busy preparing for night party with vedic inputs from Jadeja Sir about the right mix of pandya, a bit of Sehwag ,one full Ganguly.

Everbody was happy with team formation for overnight Las Vegas tour.

knowing the pressure cooker situation in Vegas party, Ganguly has officially called Joy Shah ,son of mota bhai to declare our players NRC free for them to enJOY.This will allow a smooth party without any external termites from foreign locations in a foreign country.

In the meantime ,coach Ravi Shastri has taken a lead for the night party. He was seen instructing bartenders for stunner Pineapple shots with right colour combination of match situation,his mood and flavours.

He said”As the day progresses,it is only going to get hotter.” Chronology of t20 today match will be a decider for Shastri’s shots in upcoming IPL 2020.