Delhi Elections likely to be shifted to london: Latest Political Satire

Delhi Elections 2025 will be held in London exactly like IPL matches” was written on EC twitter timeline on 70th Birthday of Constitution.A Senior Election commision bureaucrat said “Looking at the increasing pollution of Delhi we need to do Dexit exiting from New Delhi on the lines of Brexit.”

Kejriwal’s cough has raised the alarming levels of noise pollution in New Delhi just like IPL matches. The pollution was under control in the pre winter months. But few coughs of kejriwal was not Delhi’s cup of tea . pollution report from National Laboratory,Hyderabad suggests approx 2% as the contribution of Kejriwal’s cough on Delhi’s air pollution .

In the meantime, EC is making arrangements for one way Flight tickets for only NRC registered voters of Delhi Elections. Senior citizens will have connecting flights from Vaishano Devi and Macca to London. Tukde Tukde guys will be taken over the pakistani skies and will be dropped mid air to feel the Azaadi air.

Meanwhile,Pakistan has raised the matter in United Nations accusing India of creating lawlessness by citing extreme form of democracy to their peaceful jiheaded citizens. Imran said “Our people had been fed with Pakistani military biryani but India is doing a surgical strike on Paak pakistani minds with buttered democracy. Smell of democratic spices from India is nauseating the jihadi air of pakistan.

In the western world map,Trump tweeted at 3 am “Modi, my friend, had promised me acche din. But seems ,he likes to play Antrakshari with Rishi Soonuuckk more than playing a russian roulette with me in Las Vegas. I have asked Ivanka, the most beautiful daugther in the history of mankind, to write some sanctions for India while doing her makeup. “Lets make america great again by having delhi election in California,Joy Hind.” was the last tweet of Trump.

Delhi Elections is turning out to be more interesting that T20 matches of IPL said one of the upcoming cricketers of Delhi.

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