Bollywood satire: Ek country thi diwani si

India woke up on 26th January with Republic day song with a Bollywood connection “Ek country thi diwani si,ek consitution pe wo marti thi” literally meaning that There was a lovely country which fell in love for its constitution. I could exactly hear ShahRukh Khan in YRF’s Mohattein delivering the famous line of the film.

The surprising news though was twitter trend “China and UAE searching for Indian constitution”. When our reporter contacted Aladin Murderfker of aggresive ‘Tum buck too’ Land, he confirmed that “Ek country thi diwani si” is the new chart buster in UAE for its music and pro democractic lyrics with rule of law music. Now, Rulers of both the countries are also bored and tired to every day declare different laws as per their mood for the same issues of their their la la land.

Joke of the day was the seriousness of the democratic proposal by leaders. They wanted their own Republic day song to be sung on their republic day. These rulers were cajoled by their expert bootlickers to follow their religious books. World’s Capitalism is the new western marijuana for these high seeking rulers. Modern day innocent angels who people call them as Capitalist have influenced these Aladins and Momo seekers to not have their Religious books as constitution. “They dont like R word”chirped one of the Aladins. Hence to find mid way path these rulers had to listen to Uncle Trump’s locker room talks.

Meanwhile, grandfather of Nepotism Karan Johar revsitied Parampara prathistha anthem of Mohabbatein and tweeted “ek country thi diwani si,ek constitution pe wo marti thi#celeberate republic day ,#bahut kuch hota hai#hop highs #peace.” He tagged Vicky kaushal and asking “how is the josh”.Vicky was already on a high with Uri tweeted Indian flag to remind about Dry day and avoid High adventures.

Trump on the other hand with, Iran bombings and hot babes in the hotel, was awake in the night tweeting about Mexico wall and tagged Narendra modi with the cryptic tweet ” i came, i tweeted and i slept,Jai Hind”. Syria and Iran have alerted their intelligence units to decipher what this twitter bomber actually wants at 2 am in the morning .

Twitter bird had to take 3 kgs of heavy dose of BOURNVITA to remain active for overload of emotions coming out for Indian Republic day song from twiter baratis ie twitteratis.Seems all of them are Ranbir and Karthik Aryan’s fan and taken ‘Shadi hai taiyaar hoke aiye’ thing too of them suggested Twitter bird to have few extra sips of beer to avoid hangovers of Bournavita.

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