Adnan Sami Song wins him Padma Bhushan: latest Satire

Adnan Sami Song Mujh ko bhi lift kara de was a hit song 20 years back. It has helped Non Resident Pakistani(NRP) of India win Padma Bhushan. His Periodic prayers/ sajdas for his upliftment has been asnwered by the Hindu loving government when it conferred Padma Bhushan.

Adnan was bit sad though as he did not get dollars or pound originally requsted in LIFT KARADE song. He felt slightly LET DOWN as he was not given gold or diamonds as per the lyrics.

Adnan thanked Mananiye Modiji for the award, as Modi who was himself lifted first as CM and now PM, was sure this lift song had a role in his increased political growth. Mananiye Modi felt that Adnan and he has a platonic LIFT connection when they met in lift.

Adnan has been sourced from pakistan,modified in India only to be consumed around the world. Pakistan can actually look to be a china in world’s art and music industry by assembling such raw talents and exporting them to the world. The erstwhile pakistani now completely Desi Indian Hearted Sami celebrated the news with few moves and steps on the viral tum toh thehre pardeshi ‘by Altaf Raza .

Pakistan government has announced 3 days of national mourning for pain in pakistanis kidneys incurred by this Padma announcement for Adnan Sami Song.

Meanwhile,Justin Bieber tagged Ivanka ‘daddys girl’ Trump for Grammy Awards. Bieber tweeted his own name for America’s Padma Bhushan to lead the world in globalised music industry.

Non Resident Pakistani of India, NPR’s wife twitted “Thank you for best wishes ,my fellow countrymen”. Pakistanis have not particularly liked it and reacted by eploding two bombs which just made foos foos sounds with green smoke.

Adnan did a KIRIT SOMAIYA when asked about his first reaction on hearing the news and his message to his erstwhile pakistani family. Adnan just told “maine jabab de diya hai”

His song has lifted him finally and we hope that he keeps lifting people by many more such hits from world famous collections of Adnan Sami songs

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