bigg boss Satire- Siddhartha Shukla is a man of words

Satire News: Siddhartha-Shukla-twitter account is busy being man of word account, a new for even Bigg Boss. Seems our desi Shukla knows to do lots of English Mc,Bc to Asim Riaz who has not done single ‘riaz’ to fight with this cute body builder.

Sid is skilled in the phraseology,the distant cousin of recently discovered technology by Amit Shah,CHRONOLOGY.Chronology is the AI of governance developed by home minister to fix the bugs like Termites.

Grand man of words in hindi ,Narendra Modi is surprised to see Namo not trend for man of word hashtag. He directed PMO to enquire about Twitter bird chirping strength.

Twitter bird seems unwell to make right noises about namo to provide our PM a feel of ACCHE DIN. Shashi Tharoor, global indian with casanova looks also known for word was seen scratching his head about the new dictionary being used by Siddharth Shukla

Oxford Dictionary is revising its all lessons to see that our tele Amit Shah of Big Boss does not refer it for any new slangs,words to break the cerebal cells of Asim.

Poor ‘asim’ is neither unlimited as his name suggest nor practices ‘riaz’ any form of activity.Doctors have found excess of iron in his body cells due to these ironies in his life.

Gone are the days when oxford or dictionary or google was referred for any kind of information on words. our new Aladin with poha in his mouth will bomb entire big boss with his vocabulary skills .

It is learnt that ministry of Vocab affairs is being formed to manage the words explained by Siddhartha Shukla.