Trump Had Declared Corona Virus as modern art: White House Controvery

Trump Satire:

President Trump has announced to build a wall across the borders of USA. President got this trumpet idea when Einstein visited him in his dreams. As per Trump tales, Einstein advised him to act on this Best idea, beautiful idea to make America Greater than the greatest america, again and again till Americans are tired of GREATNESS.

trump builds a wall to fight corona virus.jpg

His tweet at 2 am read “Wall is the best thing,the most beautfiful thing ever in history of america to protect America from a foreign evil Corona.”

president woke up at 3 am morning ,deeply surprised and sweating on this einsteinic guidance and gave a whatsapp call to chinese counterpart Xi thus avoiding the phone tappings by Russians. President Xi was busy chairing a meeting of democratically chosen industry leaders for manufacturing 1000 more Jack Ma in the coming 2 years to dump in american Capitalism. Annyoingly Jinping picked up the call and just said “will call back”. It has been 2 hours 29 minutes ,Trump did not get the call to called back in few minutes.

Trump, in the meantime, has tweeted 229 tweets about why Democrats suck big time everytime carefully quoting Avengers dialogues to prove his point. Few tweets regarding his impeachment declared them as fake news created by news agencies and tagged Bill Clinton to answer for his name on Epstein controvery. One of the tweets mentions that phone call transcripts are scripted written by the likes of JK Rowling . He empathically goes on to tweet that he has provided more aid to Ukraine than the Ukrainian GDP.

UK government has not liked the accusations on their British Lady JK Rowling and wants Trump to keep his locker room talks to himself and within American Wall.Royal family life is already troubled by one of his fellow American informed one of the Russian spies.Meghan Markle Prince Harry are just adding salt and imported indian spices to the whole Royal Family Saga.

Trump woke up in the morning and forgot everything about Einstein and corona. Iran is a threat to the world banged his head as he saw green curtains of his room. He ordered two cups of filtered coffee in Trump towers to ease the pressure on America in wahsroom.Suddenly a Ivanka tweet “daddy is making america great again” starts trending. Bezos whatsapps him Amzon forest pictures of washington post and Trump tweets from washroom “TRUMP Wall is the best thing,the most beautfiful thing ever created in history of america to protect America ”

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