Donald Trump Satire: Lets have Hot Dogs as i love “hot”

Donald Trump is the most serious comedian in the history of mankind

Donald Trump loves hot be it hot temper, hot deals , hot economy, hot ladies or even dogs.Launching forward his US presidential campaign, Trump had announced ‘USA Economy is hottest on earth’. Mother of climate change Greta Thunberg immediately tweeted ” How Dare you hurt my grandma earth? Leaders like you are responsisble for earth warming by often using hot in your sentences”. She hopes that Donald Trump is immediately impeached by no lessser than UN for increasing tempers of ailing grandma earth.

donald trump satire

Adam Smith spirit came back from the coffin once he heard THE holy word HOTTEST ECONOMY. Adam just could not wait to measure this HOT parameter for this new economics. He is now 200% sure that his The Wealth of Nations was just a thank you note for THE economist Donald Trump. Smith was seen already praying to God to give him a second life to be the disciple of the master, TRUMP.

Hearing the news of hottest economy, a 6 ft boa started walking uninvited in living room trying to make sense of how Trump managed to change HEAT of economics. ‘This guy must be abnormal to be so normal in creating abnormalities’ were BOA first thoughts while doing rounds of the couch in the house .

CNN also trumppeted about the man jumping off his feat when told about the impact of this hottest economy news . His watch of $345.97 in 1974 is now valued at over $400,000. He wanted to kiss Donald trump’s foreheads in his thoughts. Trump did not allow even that as he had impeaching hair issues..

Meanwhile Donald Trump latest news reporters suggest that hottest daddy girl boiling Ivanka tweeted “My whole family including my dad,mom,my kids have contributed their share of hotness to make the American economy Hottest on earth. We have sacrified so much for America.Feeling hot ,hot,hot,thanks dad for having us in US”

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