IPL 2024 Satire: Super Over in Ind vs Nz Cricket

“Super over in ICC Live match in New Zealand will be banned forever” tweeted New Zealand PM. Kane Williamson instantly replied “super over will be OVER in our next super over.” New Zealand government has announced country’s highest galantry award for this brave tweet.

PM tweeted “We have had high noise pollution levels during these super overs.WHO has attirbuted increased heartbeat decibels of our players during these overs for noise pollution in our country”

ICC World,admin wing of ICC, has tendered unconditional apology over being the unfaithful to New Zealand for creation and continuation of Super Over.ICC officials were seen crying like babies the moment match was tied in ICC Live match .

Originally ICC World did not want to repeat the Original Sin of ICC 2019 world cup super over saga.But as any Shakespear in love would have expected, ICC world and its cricket had come with their own games of thorns.In agony,ICC world has decided to sue itself for creating super over and increasing noise pollution in New Zealand in ICC Live match.

Such A walk to remember was just too much for New Zealanders bringing them the haunting memories of icc 2019 world cup when New Zealand cows grazed entire Amazon forest in hunger of super over win. New Zealand players wanted to do Shashwank Redemption this time but Rohit Sharma behaved like Bad Boys for them.

Virat being the boss of his boss,cricket,ICC World,ICC Schedule,BCCI,any future events in cricket knew that Super over will behave like a blue valentine for New Zealand.His recently acquired sharpened Chronology technique helped him to line up players for their celebratory and condoling performances after match win.

Meanwhile ,South African cricket board emotionally tweeted “chokers are sometimes not the jokers to be nominated for 11 Oscars.” New Zealand certainly did not have the old enthusiasm to take on Indians armed with verbal and cricekting talents.A New Zealand player confessed “we did not want to know synonyms such as a monkey or Ma Ki like Australians did. Australian wild fires are still confused and enraged by Monkey or Man ki or Ma ki Baat.”

“Why waste our time by winning and then celebrating the super over win.Time thus saved will be used up in strategy formulation for finally avenging defeats in Super Over.” told a upcoming 12th man of New zealand team. “Instead as a revenge ,our PM wanted us to finish this Super Over thing forever” he informed

ICC World blamed the perfect ICC schedule which lead to have super over resulting in harmonal imbalances in New Zeland players in ICC live match.

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