Rajnikanth Joke: Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild

Rajnikanth Funny Story:

After a successful Man ki Baat with PM Modi, Bear Grylls was more than ‘Rajni’ percent sure that his shooting with Rajnikant would be as smooth as Thalaiva’s dialogues.

Rajni had already rehearsed with Modi for each frames,angles matching ‘Bear Grylls with modi soap opera.

Modi had privately informed Rajni that till now he himself is searching on quora about how Bear Grylls managed to perfectly understand hindi and answer in english.

As per Modi’s man ki baat ,Grylls is third best performer for camera only after him and Rajni. Modi chirped “in this era of technology,chronology samajhiye”

Bear Grylls unknowingly tested fans of Rajni by tweeting Rajnikant as a bollywood star.

Within fraction of nanoseconds,Twitter server went down,facebook was looking for google’s help and google was looking for Rajni help to calm down temperature over the internet.

Nature and tamilians across billions of galaxies just could not ‘bear’ it. Twitter bird disappeared from twitter, google was oogling without its g and facebook had to change its identity to Meta.

Things came to normalcy only when Anna flashed his black goggles in white shirt Rajni style,thus hinting his fans to calm down.

Grylls did bear spicy tweets dipped deep into rasham with few trolls topping it with meme vadas and jif idlis made specially for him.

Chitti was asked by Anna to save bear by spreading fake news about Bear Grylls death.

Having tasted traditional tamilian trolling with special south indian tweets ,Bear Grylls was seen pouring milk on Rajni anna digital picture.

Camera and Bear,the camerman’s condition improved after Rajnikant picture started dancing on mukkala mukkabala song as milk entered into camera processors.

Bollywood films like Bala were made as a tribute to Thalaiva hair style.This calmed down Rajni fans a bit still recovering from indigestion due to Grylls bollywoodia tweet on Rajini Anna.

Grylls now is dead sure that all bald men are Thalaiva fans copying Rajni hair style. Lastly,Rajnikant tweeted “Unforgettable experience”with Bear Grylls smirking and fully understanding his man ki baat.

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