Funny Sunny in court room

Bollywood Satire Sunny Deol:

S Sunny Deol stood up angrily covering his face by his universe famous 2.5 kg hand as the news about court defering execution date of Nirbhaya rapist flashed on TV .Though Indian statisical deparmtent later confirmed that Sunny Dhai kilo ka haath now weigh 2.39 kgs.

The court verdict has brought back his bollywood memory of Damini days.Not so funny Sunny was so angered that he just called himself on his alternate number to confirm to producer of Tarikh pe Tarik film.

He told himself “My current mental state has the perfect mix of anger and temper required to give an Oscar like performance for Tarikh pe Tarikh scene.

Sunny thinks that the set itself will catch fire due to his facial anger on camera. Experienced Australian and American firemen have already been booked to control the fire on film set. As a precaution, Papa Dharmendra has also already informed the forest and fire department about the shoot

Taran Adarsh was informed about Damini remake news by Deol’s domestic help Ramu. Kilos of rage and anger on Ramu’s face while enacting Sunny Deol state of mind clarified everything.

Taran tweeted “After Tarikh pe tarikh new scene in Sunny’s current mood, SunnyDeo with L of Bollywood and 7 generations of Hollywood won’t have any any such film to film .”

Industry experts fear that this bollywood film collections might impact the universe economy by 12 percent. Mars guys are landing on moon to see Sunny perform on earth.

Trump it seems has dialled his close friend Imran trying to understand the scale of damage to pakistan economy due to sunny actions in Gadar.

Imran told “Our current economy is still unable to recover from Sunny Deol’s Gadar visit last time, that is why we expect some american aid.”

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