PM Modi Satire: Historical budgets are the future

PM Modi said historical budgets are for future after budget 2022 was presented today .His tweet read as “budget today has given us a special and historical budget of future”. It has some correlation with finance ministry collecting historical data from wikipedia which itself is dependent on government sources.For the first time in Indepedent India,government outwitted wikipedia by sourcing its data.This is also a classic case of PPP Model as envisaged by current governement.

Also FM Nirmala Sitharaman has few of her team members with Phd in history .Minister of state is already giving historical speeches matching ‘tryst with destiny’ of 1947. PM Modi is aptly right about high quantity of history in budget today.

Opposition leaders have come up prepared with long nails to bite it when camera is on them. Rahul Gandhi was already doing a chai pe charcha with himself in Parliament gallery.He was seen memorising Gunda dialogues for his opinion on union budget today

Raghuram Rajan has already tweeted” With global hunger index going up and India well being in top 10 hungry nations,India need to increase their advertisement spending about controlling minds of poor. This can reduce hunger by 51% by nudging poors for festive fasts of Navratra.You are only hungry when your mind is empty.He proposes quarterly Navratras combined with pyschotherapy sessions by Nithyanand type consultants as his sugggestion for budget.

Sensex in Mumbai is already on its marks to go up as it has now almost 20 years experience of climbing up every budget day. It is much ike performing a Ganpati Visharjan dance every year. Investors are already excited about budget today because they can see sex in sensex.Basic ‘animal spirit’ just never fades away with or without good budget today. Nifty is pruning itself with all the makeup accessories items of top 10 stocks .It will follow Sensex, the man of the house.PM Modi tweeted later in the day “history will judge our budget today by its sheer length of time.”