Pence-eve vice President declared Trump lies as fake news

Trump lies Pence Vice Presdent

Trump Lies Are the Gospel Truth: Mike Pence vice president informed reporters that Trump lies have revolted against POTUS and no longer want to be the part of the gang to bang individuals based on misinformation. These frustrated lies have issued a public apology in media which read as “Enough is enough. He tells us … Read more

Meghan Markle Prince Harry and the Royal Family- 50 Shades of Melodrama


Funny Meghan Markle Prince Harry Story Britain was slowly rumminating The news of Meghan Markle Prince Harry exit from the Royal Palace. Suddenly a self-imposed bawdy Brexit seemed to be too much even for newborn babies frequently moistening their nappies. Latest Palace updates suggest that Britain had indigestion issues due to Meghan Markle’s latest news … Read more

Budget 2024 Satire: Historical budgets are the future

Budget 2024 Satire