Pence-eve vice President declared Trump lies as fake news

Trump Lies Are the Gospel Truth:

Mike Pence vice president informed reporters that Trump lies have revolted against POTUS and no longer want to be the part of the gang to bang individuals based on misinformation.


These frustrated lies have issued a public apology in media which read as “Enough is enough. He tells us to be a lie in the morning and declares us as a truth in the evening. This is misguided misuse of POTUS office and has created split personality disorders in many of our gang members. A white lie quoted “We as a community can not bear such double standards. We will lie under the flag of America for safeguarding our American LIE identity”.

In an un’presidented’ development, Mike Pence declared trump lies as Gospel Truth in the afternoon without approval from Trump.In the evening Vice President informed Donald Trump on the developments at White House.Trump asked him to lie about trump lies.This confused even MIKE of all Pence requesting Trump to clarify.

Trump explained “There is nothing called lies in my world.All lies are truths as long as it comes from POTUS.

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If some lies don’t feel at home or dont want to change their identity ,use Pompeo,white lies, super white lies,extra white lies ,feed them,tame them,blame them but just rename them as truths.”

Pence having recieved Trump’s panacea looked Asia and asked American forces to drop few leftovers from Syria to Baghdad to make America great again.

It gave him much needed time to attend his kid‘s graduation ceremony. His kid really looked lovely in the university dress with her degree in humanity. His cute brilliant daughter tagged Vice president of USA, on facebook with an emotional message which read as “Thank you dad for being such a wonderful team.”

Trump liked message with 3 smileys and 3 red dots. CNN investigative journalist have intrepreted this as Trump hint for america ending the third world war which never started.

In the meantime, Donald with Trump lies is a frontrunner for us president elections in Nov 2020, declared America to be Corona free announcing corona as modern chinese art.No sooner bilogical researchers got the news,Pence vice president’s kids classmates have already left their campus and want to enrol in Trump University. They don’t want to miss the enlightment from none other than POTUS Trump himself..

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