Pence-eve vice President declared Trump lies as fake news

Trump lies Pence Vice Presdent

Trump Lies Are the Gospel Truth: Mike Pence vice president informed reporters that Trump lies have revolted against POTUS and no longer want to be the part of the gang to bang individuals based on misinformation. These frustrated lies have issued a public apology in media which read as “Enough is enough. He tells us … Read more

Meghan Markle Prince Harry and the Royal Family- 50 Shades of Melodrama


Funny Meghan Markle Prince Harry Story Britain was slowly rumminating The news of Meghan Markle Prince Harry exit from the Royal Palace. Suddenly a self-imposed bawdy Brexit seemed to be too much even for newborn babies frequently moistening their nappies. Latest Palace updates suggest that Britain had indigestion issues due to Meghan Markle’s latest news … Read more

Budget 2024 Satire: Historical budgets are the future

Budget 2024 Satire

Funny Sunny in court room

Bollywood Satire Sunny Deol: S Sunny Deol stood up angrily covering his face by his universe famous 2.5 kg hand as the news about court defering execution date of Nirbhaya rapist flashed on TV .Though Indian statisical deparmtent later confirmed that Sunny Dhai kilo ka haath now weigh 2.39 kgs. The court verdict has brought … Read more

Donald Trump tears apart Corona Virus as Chinese modern art

Donald Trump and Corona Virus satire Donald Trump sees the first images of corona virus and classifies it as piece of modern art he once saw in Jinping’s living room. He was 200 percent sure but on the second thought wanted Pompeo to double check for some Wuhan factory image. Never trust the party‚Äôs claims … Read more

IPL 2024 Satire: Super Over in Ind vs Nz Cricket


“Super over in ICC Live match in New Zealand will be banned forever” tweeted New Zealand PM. Kane Williamson instantly replied “super over will be OVER in our next super over.” New Zealand government has announced country’s highest galantry award for this brave tweet. PM tweeted “We have had high noise pollution levels during these … Read more

Donald Trump Satire: Lets have Hot Dogs as i love “hot”

Donald Trump is the most serious comedian in the history of mankind Donald Trump loves hot be it hot temper, hot deals , hot economy, hot ladies or even dogs.Launching forward his US presidential campaign, Trump had announced ‘USA Economy is hottest on earth’. Mother of climate change Greta Thunberg immediately tweeted ” How Dare … Read more

Trump Had Declared Corona Virus as modern art: White House Controvery

Trump Satire: President Trump has announced to build a wall across the borders of USA. President got this trumpet idea when Einstein visited him in his dreams. As per Trump tales, Einstein advised him to act on this Best idea, beautiful idea to make America Greater than the greatest america, again and again till Americans … Read more

Indian Politics Satire: T20 today match with Chronology


Spectators following ball by ball chronology in T20 today match were satisfied about Jasprit Bumrah,the Man who is never ‘gumrah’with his line and length. Bumrah restrained New Zealand team for a mediocre score in today t20 match. The ongoing India vs New Zealand match has been delayed by 30 minutes. As per chronolgoy, Rohit Sharma … Read more

Bollywood satire: Ek country thi diwani si

India woke up on 26th January with Republic day song with a Bollywood connection “Ek country thi diwani si,ek consitution pe wo marti thi” literally meaning that There was a lovely country which fell in love for its constitution. I could exactly hear ShahRukh Khan in YRF’s Mohattein delivering the famous line of the film. … Read more