Ranbir kapoor Alia Bhatt love Story 2024- Satire

Ranbir kapoor Alia Bhatt love Story Satire:

Ranbir kapoor Alia bhatt marriage rumour has been the fodder for many including photo clicking bovines for years now.

But our resourceless sources have confirmed that Ranbir had intentionally leaked his marriage date with Alia Bhatt to have some media attention for his upcoming movie.

This confirmed movie does have unconfirmedmuhurat’ shot 3 yrs back . He, anyways, being a Rockstar is done doing enough Kun fayas fighting innocent Kung Fus of hollywood.

Ranbir had consistently faked marriage rumours in the past with likes of Deepika, Katrina and many unknown papa ki Paris who dont want to further pollute bollywood climate for future UV rays of hope, the struggling and downtrodden actors like Ananya Panday.

This was 3 Years back, Rishi kapoor being the father of the groom was worried and tensed fully knowing his son. After 5 shots of lime water, he had an outgoing man to man talk with Ranbir about incoming woman.

Rishi wrote below letter expecting Ranbir to read it later:

Dear Ranbir,

Hope you are doing fine after my 5 pegs. though I am drunk ,hope you are not for alia story. You already are living on a high, 35th floor high aparment in me marathi Manus amchi Mumbai. Don’t seek more ‘highs’ like karan’s house party which created a new low for bollywood.

Beta, wanted to check with you “Are you sure this girl is the Last one? knowing already that you are Kejriwal of Kapoor Khandaan , i know you will be sure on odd days and doubtful on even day.

I and Nitu are ‘mummy kasam‘ sure about your Kejru diaries found in your drawer of your room. We came to know of your odd even marriage plans when you were at karan’s house yesterday.

We have managed on past few occasions as some of your victims were foreign expatriates and tukde tukde gang members. Luckily, some had sporting family (deepika )taking the game of love with a sporting ‘spirits’.

This time we have a far more deadly species to deal with as your proposed father in law. THE MAN has made films like Jakhm, Dushman, Raaz jism,murder and many more films which create panic and are emotionally disturbance in me .

If you give him a jakhm you will be his dushman and he will share your jism for murder. So avoid playing games of Harmones with his gyan ki phillauri daughter.

I am 100 percent sure this man will have many more such filmy scripts in mind to produce if something goes wrong with his betiya raani. I don’t want any new REAL LIFE films on our family and let him kill your jawani .

Mahesh ji has an uncanny ability of making hit films and trust me, we dont want to be real life inspirations for his next hit.

Bhatt sahib is a nice chap but he is too slippery with his tongue. Sometimes his words tend to fall off from my ears. So, will request you to know ifs and buts before saying yes to BHATTs .

Considering how funny i am, hope you are sure to have similar kind of FATHER IN LAW. Always remember Bhatt sahib brings his personal Jakhmi emotions perectly well on camera.

I might tell him a bad joke which probably can offend him. Do we have a plan if he decides to make a ‘murder’ series if he feels offended.

In the meantime,You can consult gossips master naughty Karan Johar to enhance your media image. He must have already broken the news to you and paparazzi about your marriage date.

Karan is at his cosmic best with such purity in fake smiles and honesty in lying in his press interactions.

His media friendly diplomatic communication is the talk of embassies across the globe. Indian goverment have sought his guidance on certain critical foreign ministry deadlocks. karan says no to STARS yet sounding like yes.

Learn it to blabber from the master. kuch kuch hota hai ,tum nahi samjhoge ranbir.

Your father ,Rishi Chintu Kapoor.

Ranbir curiously cries, sheepishly sighs and then goes on the new highs (his 35th floor apartment) after this long emotional letter and locks the beloved Bobby start for forever in his memory by letting his frustation out against Bobby Deol in Animal.

Long live the departed soul.

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