Swarved Mahamandir- World’s Largest Meditation Center: 5 Most interesting Facts

Where is Swarved Mahamandir?

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Swarved Mahamandir, an magnificent seven-floor temple located in Varanasi’s Umaraha area. Accompanied by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Modi explored the center capable of accommodating 20,000 people for meditation.

Prime Minister Modi actively participated in the centenary celebration of Vihangam Yoga during his visit, marking his second visit to the temple since December 2021. The annual congregation of Vihangam Yog commemorates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Vihangam Yog Sansthan by Sadguru Sadafal Deoji Maharaj, a 19th-century spiritual leader, mystic poet, and seer. The Mahamandir houses the idol of this revered seer.

Here are key details about this grand spiritual edifice:

  1. Impressive Design: The temple features a stunning design with 125-petal lotus domes and an impressive seating capacity of 20,000, making it one of the world’s largest meditation centers.
  2. Location: Situated in the Umaraha area, approximately 12 km from Varanasi’s city center, the Swarved Mahamandir has an expansive area of 3,00,000 square feet.
  3. Foundation: The foundation of the Mahamandir was laid in 2004 by Sadguru Acharya Swantantra Dev and Sant Pravar Vigyan Dev.
  4. Construction: The construction involved the collaborative efforts of 600 workers and 15 engineers, resulting in teakwood ceilings and doors with intricate carvings, along with 101 fountains.
  5. Architectural Beauty: The temple boasts verses of the Swarveda carved upon its walls, a seven-floor superstructure, pink sandstone walls, and a beautiful garden with medicinal herbs.
  6. Name and Inspiration: The temple is named after the Swarved, a spiritual text authored by Sadguru Shri Sadafal Deoji Maharaj, the eternal yogi, and founder of Vihangam Yoga.
  7. Spiritual Mission: According to the temple’s website, the Swarved Mahamandir aims to “illuminate humankind with its magnificent spiritual aura and engulf the world in a state of peaceful alertness.”
  8. Teachings and Philosophy: The temple promotes the teachings of Swarveda, emphasizing Brahm Vidya—a body of knowledge empowering spiritual seekers to maintain a state of consummate Zen, characterized by unwavering constancy in peace and happiness.

The Swarved Mahamandir stands as a testament to spiritual magnificence, architectural brilliance, and a beacon for those seeking inner peace and enlightenment.