Vivek Bindra Networth: His Business Scam or Legit?

Who is Vivek Bindra ?

Vivek Bindra,41, a well-known Indian motivational speaker and business mentor with a massive fan following, has long been a guiding light for youth to excel in business. However, the air surrounding Dr. Bindra has recently been controversial, with the trending hashtag #stopvivekbindra making waves across social media platforms. Born in Delhi in 1978, Vivek, raised in a middle-class home, embraced discipline and hard work from a young age.

Education: Vivek Bindra completed his schooling at St. Xavier’s School in Delhi. He pursued his graduation and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. Subsequently, Dr. Bindra completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Amity Business School in Noida. He received an Honorary Ph.D. in Philosophy from OIUM University of Colombo.

Family:  According to some reports he lost his biological father at the age of two and later his mother remarried. Vivek Bindra is married to Yanika Bindra and reportedly they have a son. 

Recently, there have been emerging reports about a case involving Vivek Bindra and allegations of domestic violence. The incident came to light when a formal complaint was filed on December 14 at the Noida Sector 126 police station, reportedly by his brother-in-law who lodged the FIR. Bindra is now facing legal consequences under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for the alleged assault on his wife, Yanika Bindra.

What is Vivek Bindra’s business? 

Vivek Bindra is the Founder & CEO of, an innovative ed-tech company dedicated to empowering Indian Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and aspiring students (Wannapreneurs). The platform aims to enhance business and career prospects for a diverse audience. 

Bada Business has achieved recognition by breaking two Guinness World Records, as stated on the official website. Dr. Bindra, honored as the Best Corporate Trainer by Maruti Suzuki Ltd, leads Bada Business in helping individuals penetrate the market and achieve remarkable success.

Bada Business offers various comprehensive programs covering various aspects, including HR and employee management, establishing its reputation as the world’s leading entrepreneur training channel.

The platform provides curated courses spanning a range of price tiers, with options available from affordable thousands to premium lakhs.

Some of the most renowned courses include:

  1. EAE (Everything About Entrepreneurship)
  2. IBC (Importance of Business Coach)
  3. PSC (Professional Selling and Communication)
  4. BCP (Business Coaching Program)
  5. LTM (Learn Through the Masters)
  6. White Label
  7. Case Study

One standout offering is the “10-Day MBA Program,” a condensed crash course in key business principles, designed to fast-track individual growth.

What is Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Dr. Vivek Bindra’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $11 million or 90 crores INR. His wealth has been amassed through diverse avenues. Dr. Bindra has garnered a substantial income through delivering motivational speeches, leveraging his expertise in business and entrepreneurship. 

Moreover, He is a prominent figure on YouTube, Bindra’s successful career on the platform has further added to his financial success, with millions of subscribers engaging with his content. Notably, Forbes magazine has acknowledged Dr. Vivek Bindra as one of Asia’s self-made billionaires, highlighting the magnitude of his financial accomplishments.

Why are Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Business Methods Controversial? Unveiling the IBC Business Model and MNM

Dr. Vivek Bindra, a distinguished motivational speaker, business consultant, and entrepreneur, has garnered a massive following through seminars, YouTube videos, and diverse courses. However, his business methods, particularly the Independent Business Consultant (IBC) program, have recently sparked controversy. The storm began brewing after December 11 when another renowned YouTuber- Sandeep Maheshwari released a video. As a part of his ‘Business Mastery’ series the video titled BIG SCAM EXPOSED – was posted without any explicit mention of any name or business. 

Here is the video: BIG SCAM EXPOSED | By Sandeep Maheshwari #StopScamBusiness

IBC Business Model:

Launched in August 2019 by Bada Business Pvt Ltd, the IBC program invites individuals to join as Independent Business Consultants. This entails becoming an associate of Bada Business Private Limited. Participants in the IBC program have the opportunity to generate income by selling the company’s digital products and earning commissions. Many people often label this form as another type of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or a mini-franchise business program. By recommending Bada Business courses and products, IBCs can earn commissions, potentially reaching as high as 20 lakhs per month.

Controversies Surrounding Dr. Vivek Bindra’s Business Methods:

1) Allegations of False Promotions and Scams: Several people, including the ones who enrolled for these courses, accuse Vivek Bindra of fraudulent activities, with claims of false promotions and promises, branding the IBC program as a significant scam.

2) IBC Program Criticisms: Some individuals question the legitimacy and sense of the IBC program, expressing skepticism about its value and benefits.

#StopScamBusiness Controversy: Sandeep Maheshwari vs. Vivek Bindra 

Sandeep Maheshwari, a renowned figure in motivational speaking and entrepreneurship, recently sparked a heated debate with explosive allegations against Vivek Bindra. Allegedly informed by students’ experiences, Maheshwari raised concerns, suggesting that the business associated with Bindra might be a potential scam. This controversy has given rise to the trending hashtag #StopScamBusiness, dominating discussions in online spaces.

In the contentious video, students disclosed a course fee ranging from Rs 35,000-50,000 for the ‘Big Youtuber’ course, prompting questions about the quality and substance of the content. Criticism targeted the course itself, with students asserting a lack of substantial material, leading to a perceived financial loss. Furthermore, students reported challenges in obtaining refunds, asserting they were instructed to sell the course instead.

In response to the allegations, Vivek Bindra took to YouTube with a ‘response video‘ titled ‘Janeman Biggest Controversy | Biggest Program | Biggest Attack – Dr. Vivek Bindra.’ The internet became a battleground with divided opinions. Bindra, addressing Maheshwari’s queries individually, referred to him as ‘Janeman’ and suggested an inquiry into the opposing side’s perspective. Bindra defended himself, claiming attempts to openly discuss matters with Sandeep were met with resistance. The video went viral, prompting individuals to take sides—some supporting Bindra, others standing with Maheshwari. Vivek Bindra teased a significant announcement against Sandeep in the coming days.