Joke for the Day

joke for the day or joke of the day page will make your memorable with smile on your face to start your day We have challenges but jokes empathise ,mock,laugh at us and life in general.Joke for the day is you are still looking for the damn one .

Joke for the Day:

When life gives you lemons, just sell it & make some money.Dont start making lemonades ,you suck at it 🙂

joke for the day

Females can never stop chattering . Alexa ,Cortena,Google Assistant and Siri’s girlfriend, are all ladies


John:Why so many guys suck big time
Roger:Some childhood habits don’t really go away. In fact, few grow with time


Jhony thinks he is smart. He bullied me .Jhony just trolled innocent Nancy. Jhony loves Nancy and shares his everthing .Nancy actually loves her friend. Both Nancy and i love each other.


Banker : your check has bounced.
Johny :So long it was in my drawers ,it was lying flat
Banker:Your bank has not honoured it ?
Johny:These crooked capitalist never had any honour anyways

joke for the day 

why are angry dogs always hungry ?
Barking dogs seldom bite



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