Amazon sex position : How does it work?

Some sex positions are more pleasurable and needs more action for one partner than the other. If a person is lying down and the other partner is supporting their own body weight with their arms or legs, that other person may have or feel more control over the process.

The Amazon sex position gives different levels of control. Many people describe it as athletic, physically challenging, and empowering for the person on top.

How Does Amazon sex position Work ?

The Amazon sex position needs a partner. Experts generally describe it for a couple that includes one person with a vulva and one person with a penis.

In the Amazon sex position, the person with a penis lies down with their legs pulled up to their chest and knees together. The person with a vulva squats above the person with a penis, usually resting their knees on either side of the lower person’s torso and hips. The upper person’s torso ends up between the lower person’s calves. The partners face each other. This position is like a combination of missionary style and cowgirl.

Because of the body poses involved in the Amazon position, descriptions tend to suggest bouncing rather than grinding during penetration. The person on the top will bounce more than the person on the bottom.

Now that you might be excited (or terrified), here’s what you should know about the Amazon sex position. Basically, it looks like a mix of the Rider/Cowgirl/Cowperson position and missionary. “The woman is on top, riding the man . Only in the Amazon sex position, the man’s legs are in a tabletop position,” says Zachary Zane, sex expert and brand ambassador for sexual wellness brand Promescent.

The first thing to remember with the Amazon sex position is patience. Take your time moving into this position, doing everything slowly to ensure both you and your partner are comfortable and not in any pain. I cannot stress this enough: This is not an easy position. Be careful.

First, have the penetrating partner lie on their back and bring their knees into tabletop position

The inserting partner lies on their back and brings their knees to 90 degrees (tabletop). The penetrated partner sits on top, legs on either side. A more intense variation of this position requires the man or penetrating partner to bring their thighs all the way to their chest, but I’d suggest skipping the latter if your partner is not a gymnast.

Your knees should be on either side of your partner’s waist. You can move up and down or back and forth. If your knees can’t reach, simply plant your feet for more of a squat — whatever is most comfortable for you and your partner.

What Is the Difference between Amazon, and Reverse Amazon?

Kneeling Amazon and reverse Amazon are different variants of the traditional Amazon sex position. Kneeling Amazon is more like the traditional version of the position. The only difference is that instead of squatting, the person with a vulva kneels. Some say that this needs some pressure off of the upper person’s legs.

The reverse Amazon also has the person with a penis lying with their face up and knees to the chest. The difference is that the person with a vulva faces away with their back to the lower person’s face. Some people find this position to be easier for the person on top because they can sit on the lower person’s thighs.

The Amazon sex position doesn’t have to give complete dominance to the person with a vulva. In fact, according to sex therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist the Amazon position allows both partners to communicate during sex.

The person on the bottom of the Amazon sex position doesn’t have to receive only. They can lift up and support the behind of the person on the top. This gives the person on the top a better chance of orgasm.

It mostly provides pleasure the person with a penis.

It’s true that in its traditional form, the Amazon sex position doesn’t provide much stimulation to the upper person’s clitoris. The clitoris is sensitive tissue that gets stimulated when someone with a vulva gets aroused.

There are ways to adapt the Amazon sex position so that the clitoris gets more stimulation and the person with a vulva has a better chance to orgasm. One way is for the person on the bottom to use their hands to touch the top person’s clitoris and labia, the folds of skin that surround the clitoris. The person on top may have their hands free to try this, too.

Dr. Kerner also suggests that partners could use sex toys like vibrating cock rings. Cock rings fit over the penis and can help an erection feel stronger and last longer.

How to try Amazon sex position safely ?

Many therapist say that both partners is required to have strength, flexibility, and core stability to do the Amazon sex position safely. Partners with certain body sizes might have trouble getting into the position, though he doesn’t specify which sizes might be most difficult.

Talking to Your Partner about Trying the Amazon Sex Position

According to Dr. Kerner, communication is key to safety when trying the Amazon sex position. Talk with your partner about how to break apart if either person feels pain or discomfort.

You can also discuss whether the traditional, kneeling, or reverse Amazon is more comfortable for you. People on top with less strength in their lower bodies may prefer the kneeling Amazon.

People on the bottom may request a reverse Amazon. This version takes away the eye-contact element. Talk with each other about whether that trade-off works for both of you.

Possible Risks of amazon sex

The Amazon sex position could hurt the knees of the person on top. If you have concerns about your knees’ ability to handle a strenuous position, consult your doctor.

Also, for the person on the bottom, there might be some strain on the penis and the suspensory ligament. Some people have found that if the person on top leans forward during sex, it puts less pressure on the ligament that supports the penis.

The suspensory ligament is a band of strong elastic tissue that supports the penis. It keeps the penis in place near the front of the public bone and helps to hold up the penis during an erection.