Best web hosting companies in indian in 2023

For the price, you’ll get increased functionality, more reliability, and better customer support. It’s an investment I think is worth it for just about every site. we also have a guide on the best cheap hosting plans, which is much better than many of the free options.

Best Web Hosting companies for beginners

Analysis of the top 10 Best Free Web Hosts

  • Wix
  • Awardspace
  • Atspace
  • Freehostia .
  • Agilityhoster
  • Byethost
  • weebly
  • google sites
  • Ucraft 

Best Free Web Hosting


Wix free web hosting plan features include

• 1 site, 500MB storage, 500MB bandwidth
• Wix ads
• Assigned Wix domain (sub domain ,e.g if you want or other main domains ,need to subscribe for paid plans)
Drag-and-drop website builder

Wix is one of the best website builders out there. With their builder, they also offer free web hosting.

it’s one of the favorites. In fact, we recommend them to any beginner starting out with a blog or ecommerce store. Their highly intuitive UI makes it easy for anyone to create an attractive website to meet their needs.
To make life easier, they also come with 24/7 customer support. That’s important for any beginner and experienced guys when they need any kind of technical support to hosting a website.

Their offerings are limited when it comes to their free plan though. Expect half the storage and bandwidth of some of the other offerings on this list. You also won’t get a custom domain and your site will have Wix ads throughout it.

Cons of Wix Free plans

  • Online payments not included,
  • Google Analytics not included.

Overall, though, it’s a top choice if you’re looking for free hosting.


Awardspace is offering web hosting since 2004. They keep modifying their free hosting offer and to keep up with the competition as they streamlined their services last year.

With more than 2 million users, AwardSpace can be termed and considered as one of the most popular free web hosting platforms. Their focus is assist users get their websites operating as quickly as possible.

Awardspace also offers the drag-and-drop website builder, plus an easy-to-use WordPress and Joomla installer.

Users can sign up either by email or a social media account, and get their AwardSpace account instantly activated. Their 1-Click CMS Installer allows users to install the content management system of their choice, like WordPress or Joomla, in as little as five minutes. For those who don’t want to use a CMS, AwardSpace also includes a free website builder in their package.

PriceMoney-Back GuaranteeFeatures
Free Web Hosting:
Single Shared Hosting:
Premium Shared Hosting:
Business Shared Hosting:
30-day>99% uptime
>1-Click WordPress installer
>24/7 customer support
>More features at AwardSpace

More Awardspace specs

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 30MB database storage, 1 email account, no SSL

Pros & Cons of AwardSpace Web Hosting

AwardSpace gives its users one domain for free; in order to get a .com domain, users must take one of AwardSpace’s paid plans. Other benefits include a free AwardSpace hosting account include 1000 MB of disk space, 5 GB of bandwidth, three subdomains, and zero AwardSpace ads.

>3 free subdomains
>No ads
1000MB disk space
>.com domains only available with paid plans

pros of Awardspace

They stands out for offering a full gig of storage (more than many others). When you sepak with their representative, they will tell that they offer up-to-date versions of PHP and MySQL.

Cons of Awardspace

  • If your site has no traffic for 12 months, it will automatically be made inactive. After two more weeks of notices, it will be deleted.
  • Free users are limited for 1 GB of disk space and 5GB of bandwidth
  • They take your permission to sell off your data to third-party vendors.


Atspace Free Web Hosting plan Feature

• 1 site, 1GB storage, unlimited bandwidth
• No ads
• Domain registration
• Limited 24/7/365 customer support, live chat, limited ticketing, online documentation

More Atspace specs

  • PHP 7.2,
  • MySQL 5.7,
  • 30MB database storage,
  • 1 email account,
  • no SSL

Atspace is very much similar to Awardspace, with the exception of unlimited bandwidth (as opposed to Awardspace’s 5GB) and a claim of 24/7/365 support.
Digging deeper, though, Atspace lists that support as “limited 24/7/365 support” so take that with a big fat grain of salt.
Atspace also uses the Zacky website builder and app installer for apps like WordPress and Joomla. is a free website hosting platform. It provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. you will not have forced ads and allows you to bring your domain name or pick a free subdomain name from over 25 domain extensions.

InfinityFree Claims to provide “everything you could possibly need for your website.” Their free plan includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free subdomain names, 99.9% uptime, and more.

Infinity Free Specifications include

  • full .htaccess support,
  • free DNS service,
  • free SSL on your own domains,
  • MySQL 5.6,
  • PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, and 7.4. With unlimited disk space,

Users can quickly build their website using popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, thanks to the Softaculous auto installer, which is included with a free InfinityFree account. Softaculous has over 400 applications that can be used for e-commerce, blogs, forums, image galleries, and more. Free Web Hosting plan Feature:

  • Sub Domain included -Yes
  • Bandwidth- Unlimited
  • Disk space -Unlimited
  • Support Only Forum/Knowledge Base
  • Max website allows -400
  • Max Email accounts- 10
  • Uptime & Speed -Good
PriceMoney-Back GuaranteeFeatures
Super Premium:
Ultimate Premium:
7-day>99% uptime
>cPanel included
>Free SSL certificates
>More features at InfinityFree

Some hosting reviewers have claimed that test site hosted at Infinity has been scoring above 99.9% uptime consistently. The infinity hosting uptime in August 2019 is 99.9%.

Pros of

Perforamnce is better than the other hosting service providers
As far as the performance of site concern performance test of Infinity managed to score a TTFB (Time-To-First-Byte) of below 600 ms and ranked A+ on the speed test. This is very good when compared with other web .

Cons of Infinity Free hosting

• Unlimited bandwidth and storage space come with serious restrictions.
• Support service is not best in the industry
• Limitation on the types of content and files you are allowed to upload the amount of the unlimited band your site can use

Visit here:


FreeHostia offers various types of web hosting services, including the Free CLOUD hosting plan named Chocolate plan.

It basically means it should be fast, but the Chocolate plan is restricted space for website for its files,content,database small: only 250MB of disk space and 10MB of database storage.

Users who create an account with this plan get access to FreeHostia’s load-balanced cluster hosting platform, which assures fast speeds and quality performance. They also strive to maintain optimal server performance with 24/7 monitoring and frequent upgrades.

The Chocolate plan includes five hosted domains and three email accounts. FreeHostia offers a 1-click applications installer, as well as a website builder, so users can create their website through a CMS, or a simple WYSIWYG editor. Their template library boasts a number of professional-looking themes that can be easily customized.

FreeHostia Chocolate Free Web Hosting plan Feature

•5 sites, 250MB storage, 6MB bandwidth
• No ads
• Domain registration
• 24/7 customer support with 1-hour ticket response and online documentation

Freehostia specs

PHP 4 / 5 / 7, MySQL 5, 10MB database storage, 3 email accounts, self-signed SSL

Pros of Free hostia

  • a free self-signed SSL certificate,
  • a site builder with free templates,
  • and customer support in under one hour — which is great
PriceMoney-Back GuaranteeFeatures
30-day>99.9% uptime
>1-Click application installer
>Website builder
>More features at FreeHostia

Cons of Free

>250MB disk space
>500KB file size limit


 FreeHosting is a clear cut free web hosting service provider. Although they do offer a paid plan option, their focus is on providing freeweb hosting for the entire lifetime of your domain.

FreeHosting suggeests its free hosting services for lightweight WordPress sites and blogs, Internet forums, or simple websites created with its own website builder.

For customers who prefer using a CMS, FreeHosting includes a 1-click application installer and cPanel. Otherwise, users can build their website using FreeHosting’s pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop editor.

FreeHosting Specifications are

  • provides PHP 7 and OPcache, ensuring faster speeds ,good performance
  • a Percona server for MySQL server with XtraDB storage engine, which delivers maximum performance and data safety
PriceMoney-Back GuaranteeFeatures
Free: $0
Paid: $7.99/month
30-day>Website builder
>Apps installer
>Upgrades available
>More features at FreeHosting

FreeHosting Free Hosting plan Feature include:

Sub-domain included: No
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Disk Space: 10GB
Support: Tickets
SSL Available as an add-on
Max. Websites: 1
Max. Email Accounts: 1
Standout Feature Over 480 web applications

FreeHosting is that users get 10GB of storage, which is very great than some other free web hosts provide. FreeHosting also promises unmetered bandwidth, and gives each free user one email account. On the downside, they do not offer free domains or subdomains, preventing their services from being completely free.

>1 email account
10GB storage
Unmetered bandwidth
>No free domain
>No subdomain hosting
>Offers bad uptimes and slow speeds compare to its peets

Visit Here:


Agilityhoster Free Hosting plan Feature include

  • 1 site, 1000MB storage, 5GB bandwidth
  • No ads
  • Domain registration
  • Limited ticketing, live chat, online documentation (24/7 customer support for system malfunctions only)

Agilityhoster’s free plan is smaller than what’s offered from Awardspace and Atspace: only 1000MB of storage and one 20MB MySQL database.

A sales rep confirmed that it runs up-to-date PHP and MySQL.

It also does not have website builder, although it does have a simple WordPress and Joomla installer to get you up and running quickly.

Agilityhoster specs

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 20MB database storage, 1 email account, no SSL


Byet.Host, is part of iFastNet and offers a wide array of web hosting services. This includes a decent free web hosting plan, which is ideal for blogs, basic small business websites, or other projects with minimal needs.

Byethost is the most generous free web host with unlimited sites, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and five email accounts. It also provides an automatic SSL on all domains, and includes a free site builder with templates.

Byethost Free Hosting plan Feature include

• Unlimited sites, storage, and bandwidth
• No ads
• Domain registration
• 24/7 customer support and knowledge base

 Byet.Host providers users different tools to create their websites, including VistaPanel, their proprietary control panel; Softaculous, an application that lets users install hundreds of popular scripts, and a website builder with dozens of templates.

Byethost Free Hosting plan Feature specs

PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0; unlimited database storage; 5 email accounts; self-signed SSL

PriceMoney-Back GuaranteeFeatures
Free Web Hosting:
Super Premium Monthly:
Super Premium Annual:
Ultimate Monthly:
Ultimate Annual:
No>99.9% uptime
>Website builder
>Specially-designed control panel
>More features at Byet.Host
>24/7 customer support
>5 email addresses
>No ads
>Domain not included
>10 MB maximum file size

Byethost is one of the least professional-looking hosts and not a greatly designed website .


Weebly is a famous website builder that includes web hosting with all its packages. a website builder is an ideal option for beginners who are not confident enough in their technical skills to create a website using a CMS like WordPress.

There are fouroffers or pan by weebly , including Basic free plan. Not only you get Weebly’s drag-and-drop website builder tool, Basic users get standard features like a free SSL certificate, and the ability to easily add custom code to track their website’s performance.

For those who are looking for a place to host an e-commerce site for free, Weebly is worthful option . The Basic plan offers many e-commerce functionality, including a shopping cart, expedited checkout, item badges and options, inventory management, automatic tax collector, and more.

If you outgrow the limits of your Basic site, it’s easy to upgrade to one of Weebly’s three paid plans.

PriceMoney-Back GuaranteeFeatures
30-day>99% uptime
>Website builder
>SSL certificate
>More features at Weebly

Pros & Cons of Weebly Web Hosting

Weebly offers great customer support, and a variety of SEO and e-commerce tools, which normally are not free offers . One drawback is that users cannot have their own domain name. It’s also important to remember that, since Weebly is a website builder, you cannot transfer your website to a different host.

>SEO and e-commerce functionality
>Chat and email support
>No free domain
>Cannot transfer website to another host is a CMS that lets users build websites which they can host anywhere while is both the company’s website building and hosting platform. is capable of meeting the needs of users who want to publish a free, simple blog or website. The free plan gives users 3GB of storage space, which is sufficient for small sites and for beginners . provides users with an extensive databaseof themes, which they can customize to meet their specific needs. Users can also customize their sites with easy-to-install plug-ins for forms, SEO, back-ups, and more.

This website is built on wordpress themes with a paid hosting from a different hosting provider named Cloudways.

The free plan includes’s Jetpack Essential Features, which are designed to ensure fast speeds, and protect your website from spammers. They also include a free SSL certificate, to further protect your site.

PriceMoney-Back GuaranteeFeatures
30-day>99% uptime
>Website builder
>SSL certificate
>More features at

Pros of Web Hosting

A key pro of’s free web hosting is the abundant storage space you get. Their maintenance team also takes care of all site back-ups, optimizations, and upgrades for you.

Cons of Web Hosting

free users do not get a custom top-level domain, and will include their own ads on your site.

>3GB storage space
>All maintenance included
>Domain not included
> ads

Free Website Builders with Free Hosting

  • Ucraft — If you just need one page, Ucraft’s one-page site builder will get you online and looking professional for free with a custom domain.
  • Google Sites — Google is a free site builder that can host a custom domain and is a good choice for something simple like a wiki.

the easiest way for most people to get a website up and running is using a website builder, where you can drag-and-drop content blocks and play around with customizable templates.

Most website builders are free only if you use a subdomain (for example, our URL on a Wix subdomain would look like:, which is a drawback for anyone who wants to run a professional-looking site.

What’s a custom domain?

 A custom domain is what switches your url from to

If you’re serious about your business, you need to use a custom domain — free subdomains just scream, “I didn’t pay for this,” which is like putting up a flashing sign that says BUYER BEWARE.

There are two website builders that host websites for free and connect to a custom domain. They are simple and have limited functionality and hence good for only very simple websites The two that meet these criteria are Ucraft and Google Sites.

Design limitations are probably the biggest drawback of using a free website builder. If the templates available on Ucraft and Google Sites aren’t what you’ve envisioned for your site, the next easiest free option is to find a free template you like and pair it with a free web host. the best web hosting services aren’t that expensive. It can start from around $4/month for the initial contract. price more than pays for itself in customer service, security, and speed.

Ucraft Review

  • Drag-and-drop builder, plus customizable templates (although you can’t update fonts)
  • Single page
  • Supports custom domain
  • Ucraft ad floats in bottom-right corner
  • Upgrade for unlimited pages, more customization, and no ads for $6/month
  • Ecommerce functionality starts at $14/month

Ucraft has a free plan for a single-page website that’s built with “elements.” An elementcan be any individual piece of content: a title, a text block, a video, an image, an image gallery, a button. Ucraft’s free plan supports up to 50 basic elements, so that single-page website can hold a good amount of content

Six of Ucraft’s 21 free templates, including a blank page for a completely customized site.

Google Sites

  • Drag-and-drop builder, plus limited customizable themes
  • Unlimited storage
  • Supports custom domain
  • Google Sites ad in footer
  • Integrates with GMail
  • There are no upgrade options — this is everything

Google Sites is another option for a very simple free site. And when I say “super simple,” I mean it. There are only six versions of the same template to choose from, and a limited number of designs to work in. It’s super basic. In fact, lots of Google Sites are used for basic things like internal wikis.

Google Sites offers one basic template in six simple themes.

That said, Google Sites hosts as many pages as you want at no cost. It connects to your custom domain. It integrates with every other Google service, like Docs, Forms, and Slides. And it’s very simple to use, especially if you’re used to working in Google products.

FAQ on Free hosting plans for new website owners

Is free hosting sites are really free?

Yes, you can host your website without paying any subscription amount. However, hosting features are limited.

Will web hosting sites put ads on my site?

Depends on your web hosting service provider. many hosting sites which provide lifetime free facility do put ads on your website.

What is virtual or shared web hosting?

Virtual hosting also called shared hosting, involves operating your site on a server that hosts multiple sites.

What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the amount of data that is accessed while viewing a website.

What is uptime?

Uptime is the amount of time your site is online throughout the entire month.