Best Refrigerators under 15000 in India in 2023

Best Refrigerators under ₹15000 in India (2021) 

Refrigerators are quiet common in India, with almost every home having at least one.

It is an much needed appliance because the food can get spoilt in Indian climatic conditions if we do not refrigerate it.

Refrigerators are available in various configurations and sizes. The choice of the ideal refrigerator for the home depends on multiple factors.

The number of people in the house
The individual requirements of the occupants
The budget

Budget is significant factor because one can get refrigerators under Rs 15K, as well as above Rs 50K. Different features will obviously be different.

In our buying guide for refrigerators below Rs 15,000, we shall consider the points you should look at when purchasing the ideal fridge for your home.

LG 190L 4-Star – GLD201ARGY

LG has many models in almost all the price range. A large majority of Indian households prefer LG refrigerators to other brands because of its excellent features.

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Key Features

Direct-Cool Single-door refrigerator
A capacity of 190 litres, ideal for small families up to three persons
4-star BEE rating
Smart Inverter compressor

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LG refrigerators have a brand name for being highly efficient, durable, and ensuring tremendous savings. The smart inverter compressor can take the credit for these accomplishments.

These inverter compressors are designed to provide unmatched performance. Besides being noiseless, they offer excellent savings and a stabiliser-free operation.

These models are a 5-star rating machie in 2019. However, BEE has downgraded the rating to 4-star in 2020. It does not affect the performance much.

The benefit of the smart inverter compressor is that it is compatible with the home inverter system.

The working of the refrigerator on the home inverter does not put any additional load on the compressor. While consuming less power, this refrigerator can work for up to 36 hours comfortably. Thus, there are less chances of your food getting spoilt.

This appliance can work even without an external stabiliser, as the inbuilt voltage stabiliser can handle voltage fluctuations between 90V to 310V.

This refrigerator features toughened glass shelves capable of withstanding weights up to 175Kg. The adjustable pattern of the shelves allows you to customise the space, depending on your requirements.

The LG refrigerator has unique lattice-type box cover over the vegetable crisper. This cover maintains the moisture at optimum levels, thereby ensuring that vegetables and fruits remain fresh for longer periods.

This refrigerator is efficient machine for making ice cubes, as it can do so in 108 minutes. The anti-bacterial gasket is a good feature that ensures your food remains hygienic.

Another exciting feature of this appliance is the base stand with a drawer to store vegetables that do not require refrigerating.

Extraordinary performance with good cooling
Ideal for small families and single individuals
Fantastic energy savings

Manual defrosting is a significant demerit.

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Samsung 192L 4-Star – RR20T182XR8/HL

Samsung has a better model in its range to match the LG refrigerator described above.This refrigerator has an attractive appearance with a floral design on the door. It also comes with great features.

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Key Features

Direct-cool Single-door refrigerator
A capacity of 192 litres, adequate for small families
4-star BEE rating
Inverter Compressor

Samsung helps a new grand design for the door, hence making it more enticing for the Indian homemaker.

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The digital inverter technology makes this refrigerator ranks at the top as far as energy savings, noise production, and durability are concerned. The compressor adjusts its speed, depending on the cooling demand.

The grand door design improves the look of the appliance to an entirely different level. The bar chrome handle adds to the design quotient while imprvoing the convenience factor.

One of the merits of this appliance is the fitment with the home inverter and solar panels. Thus, it helps the food remains fresh even during power cuts. The compatibility with solar energy lowers your electricity bills even further.

This refrigerator does not need a separate voltage stabiliser because its stabiliser-free operation can handle input voltage between 100V and 300V.

The presence of LED lights improves illumination while increasing storage space. This appliance has toughened glass shelves capable of bearing weights up to 175Kg comfortably.

The vegetable box is a large one that gives excellent facilities to store your fruits and vegetables in one place.

Besides, this refrigerator has a base stand drawer in the lower part of the appliance. You can comfortably store vegetables like onions and potatoes, that generally do not require refrigeration.

Another good functionality is the presence of the anti-bacterial gasket. It prevents the bacteria and fungi from accumulating, thereby enhancing hygiene levels.

This fridge is one of the safest single-door models because it has a clean back cover to protect the vulnerable parts like wires and condenser tubes from damage.

Quick cooling and a reliable performance
elegant looks
Minimum noise pollution

Vegetables tend to get soggy with moisture after three to four days

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Godrej 190L 5-Star – RD 1905 PTDI 53 JW BL

Godrej refrigerators are one of the earliest brands to hit the market. The name Godrej brings reliability of the highest standard. This model comes with unique features to qualify as an ideal refrigerator in the Rs 15,000 pricing range.

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Key Features

Direct-cool Single-door refrigerator
Storage capacity of 190 litres, best for small families
5-star energy rating
Inverter Compressor

Godrej is a pure Indian manufacturer who proudly adheres to the Make in India campaign launched by the Indian Government. This refrigerator is one of the most eco-friendly models available in India.

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This Godrej refrigerator is one of the few Direct-Cool models to offer uniform cooling across entire the appliance. This factor is responsible for this refrigerator bagging a 5-star BEE rating.

Another factor that contributes to higher electricity savings is the advanced inverter technology that adjusts the compressor speeds according to the cooling demands.

Besides enhancing efficiency, it also ensures silent operations.

The Anti-drip chiller functionality is an innovative feature because it ensures that the chiller tray placed beneath the freezer compartment doe not have any droplet formation.

On the storage front, the Godrej refrigerator ranks as one of the best because it offers one of the most spacious vegetable trays amongst its peers in the market.

This refrigerator also has extensive dry storage feature like a shelf at the bottom of the appliance.

This base stand drawer can store enough vegetables like potatoes and onions that do not need refrigeration.

The toughened glass shelves can comfortably withstand weights up to 150Kg. The adjustable nature of the shelves allows for more significant storage space.

You can remove a couple of shelves or adjust their height accordingly to have more storage space if necessary.

This appliance has one of the best storage space for large 2L bottles on the door.

Godrej is an great brand name that has reliability.
Great performance matched by incredible power savings
Full value for the money you spend

The refrigerator features a single ice tray
The backside is exposed.

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Whirlpool 190L 4-Star – WDE 205 ROY 4S INV

Whirlpool is another great refrigerator brand having huge fan base in India. Whirlpool refrigerators has their trademark Intellisense Inverter technology to save power while working noiselessly.

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Key Features

Direct-Cool single-door refrigerator
190 litres capacity make it ideal for small families
4-Star BEE rating
Intellisense Inverter Compressor

Whirlpool refrigerators has advanced insulated capillary technology to ensure up to nine hours of cooling retention. Hence, it is one of the good refrigerators to have during power cuts.

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The Whirlpool refrigerator comes with a 4-star energy rating, thus saving on your electricity bills.

The Intellisense Inverter technology meets to the cooling demands and alters the compressor’s speed accordingly. Besides, the inverter compressor does not make any noise while functioning.

A crucial feature of this fridge is the stabiliser-free operation that removes the use of an external voltage stabiliser.

There are facilities to connect this refrigerator to the home inverter. Hence, it should not matter if there is a power cut. The fridge keeps working. Also the cooling retention technology maintains the freezer compartment cool.

This refrigerator has great storage options with a large vegetable crisper, whereby you never run out of space when storing vegetables and fruits.

It also has a Quick Chill Zone with stackable ice trays, thereby ensuring maximum freezer space.

The toughened glass shelves can withstand the weight of massive vessels weighing up to a maximum of 150Kg. The adjustable shelves and jumbo bottle racks add to the storage space.

As far as maintaining the freshness of vegetables and fruits, this refrigerator is amongst the best in the business.

The honeycomb lock-in technology has a unique advanced moisture slider to help maintain right moisture and ensure that the vegetables and fruits stay fresh for extended periods.

Another highlight is the easy manual defrosting feature to ensure hassle-free defrosting to help the fridge maintain effective cooling performance.

One of the best energy-efficient fridges in India
Excellent performance
Cooling retention technology is a stand-out feature
Incredible storage space

Customer service issues persist.

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Haier 195L 4-Star – HED-20CFDS

Haier is an international company manufacturing some of the best refrigerators under 15k. This direct-cool single-door fridge comes with great features.

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Key features

Direct-cool single-door refrigerator
195L capacity to cater to small families comprising three persons
Reciprocator Compressor
4-star BEE rating

Haier refrigerators are known for their style, savings, and superfast cooling. Besides, these fridges are easy to maintain. These 195L refrigerator models come with door locks to prevent children from splurging on ice creams and chocolates.

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On the hygiene front, it is one of the safest because of the presence of the anti-fungal gasket that keeps bacteria and fungi out.

The aesthetic looks of this single-door refrigerator are its key features. The attractive doors and stylish handle adds to the modern and lavish appearance of your kitchen. This appliance comes in a range of gorgeous colours.

On the operational front, the hour-icing technology is an great one where you get ice within one hour of filling the ice trays with water.

Despite its great cooling performance, the appliance does not allow the formation of much frost around the freezer compartment. If it does so, you have the defrosting button that you just need to press to get rid of the excess ice.

Storage is never an issue with this Haier model as the big vegetable box can keep your perishable fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. The multi-airflow technology helps in maintaining the freshness.

Toughened glass shelves are capable of withstanding heavy utensils . It makes sure that you need not store your food in small containers.

This refrigerator comes with a PUF insulation on the door to retain the internal temperatures efficiently for better cooling performance.

Therefore, it is an energy-saving appliance, as evidenced by the 4-star BEE rating.The stabiliser-free operations ensure that voltage fluctuations is not be an issue anymore. This appliance can work with an input voltage as low as 135V.

value for the money
Classic looks
exemplary cooling performance
Adequate for small families

Does not have adjustable compartments

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LG 215L 4-Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Are you looking for a quality refrigerator at modest pricing under Rs 15,000? LG 215L should be your ideal choice as it comes with a host of appealing features.

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Direct Cool refrigerator
A capacity of 215 litres
4-star energy rating
Smart Inverter Compressor
Smart Connect feature
Moist-n-Fresh lattice-patterned box cover

LG brings a new range of refrigerators with smart inverter compressors and other aspect that make your appliance more durable, highly efficient, and result in fantastic savings.

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The smart inverter compressor brings unmatched performance characterised by silent operations and excellent savings. It ensures to take care of the responsibilities of a voltage stabiliser.

All the latest LG refrigerators come with equipped with Smart Connect technology that allows you to connect the fridge to the home inverter network during a power cut situation. Hence, you get uninterrupted power to keep your food fresh without spoilage.

The LG refrigerator has a large vegetable box with a unique lattice-type box cover. The Moist-n-Fresh technology maintains the temperature at optimal levels. The moisture evaporated from the fruits and vegetables condenses on the lattice and keeps the contents fresh.

An exclusive feature of LG fridges is the fast ice maker function that makes ice in 108 minutes. this refrigerator has toughened glass shelves capable of withstanding weights up to 175Kg. Thus you can have massive vessels comfortably. The anti-bacterial gasket keeps the food healthy and hygienic for more extended periods.

This LG refrigerator can operate at a voltage range of 90 to 310V because of the smart inverter compressor. Hence, it does not require a additional accessory.

Excellent power savings
Aesthetic looks
Smart inverter compressor

Requires manual defrosting
Not suitable for medium-sized or big families

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Haier 181 L 2-star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier is a renowned international refrigerator brand. This 181L direct cool refrigerator is good for couples and small Indian families with three persons. It has excellent features to ensure super-fast cooling and fantastic savings with a lot of style.

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Direct cool refrigerator with Diamond Edge freezing technology
A capacity of 181 litres
2-star energy rating
Reciprocator compressor
PUF Insulation
One-year warranty

Haier refrigerators has a stunning look with its sleek and aesthetic design. It comes in a range of attractive colours and adds a lavish look to your kitchen ambience.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Haier-181-L-2-star-Direct-Cool-Single-Door-Refrigerator.jpg

The highlighting feature is Diamond Edge freezing technology to have better ice formation and super-fast cooling. This appliance is an good for small families with a small budget. However, the features present in this refrigerator are of the topmost order.

The large vegetable box has a humidity controller to prevent the water from evaporating, thereby keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer periods.

Unlike the Whirlpool refrigerator reviewed earlier, it lacks auto defrosting option. However, the manual defrosting option is a good as it performs a speedy defrost at the push of a single button.

This refrigerator has toughened glass shelves that serve multiple uses. It can accommodate massive vessels. Secondly, it acts as a spillage protector. The liquids if spilt, do not seep through to the lower shelves and spoil the other food stored there.

The PUF insulation is a good feature. It helps to maintain the low temperatures efficiently for better cooling. The 2-star energy-saving feature is advantageous as it saves power in the long run.

This refrigerator can work within a voltage range of 135 to 290V comfortably. It is an good refrigerator under Rs 15k.

Attractive colours available
Full value for the money
Excellent cooling performance

Manual defrosting is an issue.
Does not work with your home inverter

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