Best Kitchen Chimneys in India in 2023

kitchen chimney becomes an important ingredient of every house today. Any modular kitchen should be incomplete without the best kitchen chimney.

Elica 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – WD HAC Touch BF 90

Elica kitchen chimney is a quiet popular because of its great design. It matches with the kitchen ambience perfectly and is therefore, a must-have accessory in your kitchen. Operating this chimney is easy because of the Touch Control Panel. The chimney is an energy-efficient appliance that does not require too much maintenance.

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Cleaning the chimney is comfortable because of the Heat Auto Clean technology. The technology involves the use of a heating element to remove the sticky oil particles and collect them in the oil collector.

Cleaning the oil collector is easy. Thus, there is no need for any manual intervention.

This chimney has a functional suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr, hence making it a useful appliance to have in your kitchen.

The stainless-steel Baffle filter is an efficient component that removes residue settled inside the baffle. Thus, it enables the air to move freely between the screens. The residue and oil collects on the filter sliding and passes on to the oil collector.

The dimensions of the Elica chimney are such that it suits your kitchen perfectly. The chimney has LED lamps for illumination. It consumes 180 watts, thereby enabling lower utility bills. Hence, it is one of the best kitchen chimneys in India in 2019.


Suits your kitchen perfectly

Energy-efficient appliance
Easy to operate and clean




Installation charges are additional


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Faber 90cm 1500 m3/h Chimney – Hood Primus Energy TC HC BK 90


Faber is one of the most famous brand names for the kitchen appliances.The quality of the products makes Faber amongst the top chimney models in India today. This Faber Hood Primus Energy has greater suction capacity and better grease and noise reduction qualities.


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The suction capacity of 1500m3/h is quiet good that helps to cook your food comfortably. Suction power is the measure of oil and smoke that your kitchen chimney can suck in an hour.


The presence of three-layer baffle filters is ideal for an Indian kitchen due to more oil and grease in Indian Kitchen. The Faber 3-layer baffle filter cause vapours to change direction, hence trapping oil and grease. As they are stainless-steel filters, they do not need any replacement.


Two LED lamps provide the right illumination level to help you in your cooking . The Heat Auto Clean technology removes oil particles with one touch. By cleaning the oil and grease and storing it in the oil collector, it increases the suction power of the chimney.


Operating the Faber kitchen chimney is easy as one touch of a button is sufficient to send the chimney roaring to life. The best aspect of this kitchen chimney is the minimum noise it makes, hence allowing you to focus on your cooking.


The Faber chimney has a powerful motor to enable high suction capacity. It also makes the chimney durable and less noisy.


Great suction power
The ideal value for the money you spend


Installation costs are additional.
Customer care issues can be irritating.


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Eurodomo 90cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


One of the great aspects of a chimney is the auto cleaning function. Cleaning a chimney manually is a challenging task. Therefore, a chimney with an auto-clean facility is always preferred. The Eurodomo chimney is one such appliance.


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The stainless-steel baffle filters help in dragging down the oil, soot, and other residues. The filter thus requires less maintenance and cleaning. The heat auto clean technology helps in eliminating the impurities without any manual intervention.


This chimney has a powerful motor to provide a suction power of 1200 m3/hr. Therefore, you have low smoke and more fragrance while cooking. Secondly, the suction action eliminates the dust and ensures healthy food to eat.


Operating this chimney is comfortable because of the touch control panel with a digital control panel.


LED lights are available to light up the area directly under the chimney. The designing of the chimney is such that it fits your kitchen perfectly, thereby earning the reputation for being the best chimney under Rs 10,000.


Excellent design with tempered glass finish
High suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr
Easy to clean baffle filters


Not suitable for small kitchens


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Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


Hindware is an Indian brand that makes some of the best kitchen chimneys in India. This chimney has a great appearance with a premium stainless-steel finish.


This chimney has energy-efficient LED lamps to illuminate your kitchen, especially the countertops and other areas where you cook.


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The key feature of this chimney is the thermal auto-clean feature that provides cleaning the oil and other residues without any manual intervention.


The stainless-steel baffle filters work well in forcing the oil to settle inside the baffle while allowing air to move freely. The oil residue collects in the oil collector cup that can be removed and cleaned anytime.


The metallic blower has a high suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr, hence you have less smoke in the kitchen. The efficient motor allows that it utilises as little power as possible. Operating the chimney is comfortable because of the one-touch controls.


Easy to operate and clean the chimney
High suction power of 1200 m3/hr
Excellent design that adds sparkle to the kitchen
Maximises airflow to the kitchen by removing smoke


Installing the appliance is an expensive affair


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Elica 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


With the high-quality suction capacity of 1200m3/hr, Elica chimeny helps to have a smokeless environment in your kitchen.


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The dimensions of this chimney are great for a small to mid-size Indian kitchen. touch control panel that makes way for smooth operation is one of the best aspects of this chimney..


This Elica chimney has auto head clean technology that uses a heating element to get rid of oil, soot, and other sticky particles. This residue collects in the coil collector that is removable and washable.


The baffle filters are also easy to clean. The advantage of a stainless-steel baffle filter is that as it provdies oil and residue to settle on the baffle while allowing air to pass smoothly. As the oil cannot change directions, it collects inside the oil collector.


LED lamps provide the necessary illumination factor while increasing the power efficiency of this chimney.


Auto head cleaning technology removes manual intervention
High suction power
Stainless steel Baffle filters
Energy-efficient device


Installation is not free


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Hindware 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney


The dimensions of this Hindware chimney are suited for the normal-sized Indian kitchens. It is a small chimney with great features like LED lights display for illumination and a powerful motor with a suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr.


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This suction capacity maximises the airflow to ensure that all pollutants find their way out into the atmosphere.


The Baffle filter is an excellent component to trap oil and other residues to ensure settlement into the oil collector while allowing the air to move freely.


The push-button controls make it easy to operate. This chimney has an elegant matte finish that matches your kitchen ambience.


One of the key features of this chimney is noiseless operations.Cleaning this chimney is easy, although the auto clean facility is not available.


These great features ensure that this Hindware chimney ranks among the best chimneys under Rs 8,000.




Easy to operate because of one-touch controls
High suction power keeps the kitchen smoke-free
Noiseless and energy-efficient


Does not come with auto head cleaning technology


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Eurodomo 60cm 1200m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney


Eurodomo chimneys are great for Indian kitchens because of their good suction power of 1200 m3/hr. It ensures to remove the smoke, soot, and oil residues from the kitchen, thereby making it a pollution-free place. The touch control panel makes this chimney one of the convenient ones to use.


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This chimney has high-quality baffle filter that helps to drag down smoke and dust particles.


The auto head cleaning technology uses a heating element to remove the oil particles and other pollutants into a separate oil collector. This collector is removable and washable at any time.


The baffle filters need very little maintenance, but it is advisable to clean them at regular intervals.


This chimney features LED lights to illuminate the cooking area, thereby enhancing the cooking experience to a different level altogether.


The elegant design and dimensions make it a perfect fit for the Indian kitchen. It increases the overall ambience of the kitchen and makes it look modern.


Great suction power because of a powerful motor
Auto head cleaning removes manual intervention
LED lights for illumination
Noiseless functioning


Installing the chimney is an expensive as compared to the cost of the chimney


Elica 60cm 1100m3/hr Chimney


Elica chimneys are well known in the market because of their excellent features like an urbane design, efficient Baffle filter, and strong suction capacity. These factors help in making this chimney as the best kitchen chimney under Rs 9,000.


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The Baffle filter has excellent design, which allows the oil and other residues to collect inside the oil collector. Cleaning the oil collectors at regular intervals is easy.


Dimensions of this chimney are such that they suit the mid-size Indian kitchens perfectly.


The Elica chimney has a powerful motor having a suction capacity of 1100 m3/hr, which makes it an efficient chimney.


This appliance uses less power while delivering the highest levels of efficiency. It has push buttons to enable smooth operation.


The best feature of this chimney is that it is noiseless. Its exquisite appearance, people actually might enjoy the presence of a chimney rather than a necessary.


LED lamps serve as illumination for the kitchen countertops and cooking areas, so you might need any lightning facilities in the kitchen.




Noiseless and energy-efficient operation
Powerful motor with a functional suction capacity
LED lamps for illumination
Easy to clean baffle filters


Does not come with an auto-cleaning feature

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