Amrit Bharat Express Features you must know: Routes, Schedule, list

Amrit Bharat Express Routes

India’s vast landscape demands a more diversified railway network, to meet the needs of the large Indian population. Where AC trains with high-speed cater to travellers who are time-sensitive, a huge chunk of the population depends on the affordable and distance travelling options.

In July 2023, Indian Railways announced a new train service for long journeys, non AC comfortable sleepers and general seats. The Amrit Bharat Express, is a new non AC superfast budget-friendly train service manufactured for 65 crore rupees each, began running on 1st January 2024.

Amrit Bharat Express was inaugurated by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. This no-frills service run on two routes, Darbhanga-Ayodhya-Anand Vihar Terminal and Malda Town-Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminus (Bengaluru). There are several benefits that come from this newly launched train service. Some of the significant advantages of The Amrit Bharat Express, include overcoming the challenge to connect cities that are more than 800km apart or require over 10 or more than 10 hours of travel time, which is a common requirement for Indian people. It can also go up to 130 km per hour without costing much.

There are several distinct features of the Amrit Bharat Express, which sets it apart and makes it better than the local long-distance trains. For instance, it’s setup with locomotives at both the ends allows faster acceleration and reduced turning around times, which is significant for saving time. The non AC compartments of the Amrit Bharat Express, are well-kept and provide an affordable and comfortable travelling for long journeys. It is also equipped with modern facilities, including LED lighting, charging points and bio-toilets, all of this ensuring a comforting, hygienic as well as convenient travelling experience. Moreover, the train emphasizes on eco-friendly methods through regenerative braking technology, highlighting a dedication to environment conservation.

Additionally, this train provides families with play areas and baby care facilities, making it an easy option and convenient to travel with small children. The new train service also emphasizes on local dishes from different regions and cultures. Accessibility is also looked after in the train, as it has features like ramps, wider doorways and designated coaches for passengers with disabilities.

All of the above listed exclusive features along with affordable fares makes the Amrit Bharat Express a better option as a budget-friendly facility for travellers like students, migrant workers, and anyone who wishes a comfortable long-distance travelling service in India.  Lastly, the launch of the Amrit Bharat Express represents a step forward, to improve connectivity and affordability while also emphasizing comfort, inclusivity and sustainability in Indian Railways.