Who is Gabriel Attal? Youngest PM of France

Gabriel Attal Biography:

France’s youngest and first openly gay Prime Minister of government has emerged and he is Gabriel Attal, the country’s education minister, after the resignation of Elisabeth Borne. President Emmanuel Macron announced the appointment on 9th January 2024, designating the 34-year-old Attal to be the Prime Minister.

Who is Gabriel Attal?

Borne, who served for less than two years, stepped down, paving the way for an anticipated cabinet reshuffle.

Born16 March 1989 (age 34)
Clamart, France
Political partyRenaissance (2016–present)
Other political
Socialist Party (2006–2016)
Domestic partnerStéphane Séjourné (2015–present)
EducationÉcole alsacienne
Alma materSciences Po
University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas

In a statement reported by AFP, the presidential office confirmed , “The president of the republic appointed Mr. Gabriel Attal prime minister and tasked him with forming a government.”

Congratulatory messages poured in, with Sylvain Maillard, the leader of Macron’s Renaissance party, expressing confidence in Attal’s ability to “faithfully carry out our project and embody the values that are ours,” via X (formerly Twitter).

A staunch supporter of Macron, Attal served as the government spokesperson during the Covid-19 pandemic, gaining popularity in recent opinion polls. Known for his talent in both radio shows and parliamentary proceedings, Gabriel is poised to become France’s youngest and first openly gay prime minister.

Patrick Vignal, a French MP, drew parallels between Attal and Macron in 2017, noting their common status as the youngest leaders in modern French history. Vignal described Attal as “clear” and possessing “authority.”

Attal’s performance as a government spokesperson not only improved his public image but also positioned him as a trusted ally of President Macron. Attal’s articulate communication style, coupled with a calm and composed demeanor, resonated with the French public, elevating him to a position of prominence within the government.

Macron’s choice of Attal is seen as an effort to infuse new vitality into the government amid challenges in navigating a more turbulent parliament since losing the absolute majority in 2022. While Macron and Attal’s collaboration is supposed to bring fresh perspectives, opposition leader Olivier Faure dismissed the move as a mere continuation of existing policies. Faure asserted, “Elisabeth Borne, Gabriel Attal, or someone else, I don’t care, it will just be the same policies.”

Who is Gabriel Attal ?

Gabriel Attal, born on March 16, 1989, has quickly grown into the political ranks to become a prominent figure in French politics. Currently serving as the Prime Minister of France since January 2024, Attal is a distinguished member of the Renaissance (RE) political party.

Who is Gabriel Attal?

His political journey gained momentum when he assumed the role of Government spokesperson from 2020 to 2022, during a crucial period due to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Attal’s effective and smart communication skills and strategic acumen in this role earned him recognition as a reliable spokesperson for the government.

In a testament to his capabilities, Attal then transitioned to the position of Minister of Public Action and Accounts from 2022 to 2023. During this tenure, Attal demonstrated a commitment to effective governance and fiscal responsibility, solidifying his reputation as a dynamic and capable leader.

July 2023 saw Attal taking on an even more important role as he assumed the position of Minister of National Education and Youth. In this capacity, Gabriel focused on shaping the educational landscape of France, stressing modernization and innovation within the education system.

The high point of Attal’s political career came on January 9, 2024, when President Emmanuel Macron handpicked him to succeed Élisabeth Borne as the Prime Minister of France. This move not only marked a huge leap for Attal but also showcased the trust and confidence that President Macron has in his abilities.

At the age of 34, Gabriel Attal has carved his name in history as the youngest and the first openly gay French Prime Minister. This milestone also positions him as the youngest serving state leader globally, adding a layer of significance to his leadership.

Widely regarded as a “rising star among Macronistas,” Attal has earned praise for his alignment with President Macron’s vision and policies. The term “Macronistas” refers to ardent supporters and allies of President Macron, and Attal’s association with this group underscores his close ties with the current administration.

As Attal takes the helm as Prime Minister, his youth, energy, and inclusive approach to leadership are expected to bring a fresh perspective to French politics. The historic nature of his appointment as the first openly gay Prime Minister also signals a positive step toward greater diversity and representation in the highest echelons of government.