1st birthday gift for husband after marriage india

Surprises are most of the times quiet effective provided the underlining meaning is to aww on a positive note. Birthdays are always special especially when it is the 1st birthday gift for husband after marriage In india. Knowing about your husband’s likes and dislikes eases the task a bit and give you a good start.

But, identifying the right kind of gift continues to be a challenge. The task becomes more difficult when a gift is to be chosen by a wife for her husband. It surely is about the memory, the gift would hold but what, how, when, where – all are equally important to take the right decision. Most women adore their husbands, they mean the world to them. Females respect their small and big gestures of bringing the smile to our face. Then is it justifiable to leave any scope of complaint while we plan to surprise them? Definitely not!!

Is it your first year of marriage and Is it your husband’s first birthday after marriage that is approaching soon? Do you wish to leave that great impact? Do you want to create a everlasting memory out of this first birthday? All planned but you are stuck at deciding on the 1st birthday gift for husband after marriage (Check Here) thing.

Before moving ahead, it is significant to choose the right place to buy a birthday gift from. Amazon is one such online platform where you can explore the quirky yet diverse range of products suitable to be gifted to your husband on any and every occasion. Ranging from decorative and personalized lamps to wall clocks to bar accessories to personalized diaries – there is a lot more in the store for you.

Is your husband a romantic person or a creative one or may perhaps a lover of originals? With Amazon product choices in this article, there is an answer for all. You can choose from the published range of birthday gifts for husband or birthday gift for husband handmade. It doesn’t end here . Our range of romantic gifts for husband on his birthday is class apart and is sure to leave you spellbound. When it is for your husband then the cost does not matter, what matters is the intention and feelings behind the same. 

Let Us Try to Figure Out the Top 10 Ideas for the 1st Birthday Gift For Husband After Marriage

1. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are most preferred to show true feelings of love to your husband. You can show your creative self and choose one of the many customized creative birthday gifts for husband. Like you can buy diary with a personalized message on it; get creative and show it through either words or images. Buy an MJ diary for rock music lovers especially the ones who loved MJ. This is just the beginning. You can also buy coasters and present them with a personal message. There is much more to explore and finalize out of our funky range.

2. Romantic Gifts

They do not call for an introduction. Being the first year of marriage, love is at the blossoming stage. Buy a bouquet of roses and attach handwritten message on everyone to show your love. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of romantic gifts for husband on his birthday range and amaze him with your love. Buy an appropriate lamp to create that aura around when celebrating his special day.

3. Creative Gifts

Is your spouse the creative one? Is he the one who doesn’t settle for normal stuff? Then Fufuh has the answer for it. Buy some quirky bar accessories for him or a unique leather bag for the routine purpose.

You can also check out the range of DIY decorative table lamps in exceptional designs to match his taste.

4. Photo Cakes

Another creative item added to the list of birthday gifts is a photo cake. Choose an apt photo of your husband that is bound to bring the smile on his face and get it done on a cake. Want to add more to it? Select a suitable product from fufuh out of the unique collection of the 1st birthday gift for husband after marriage list.

5. Chocolates

The idea of adding sweetness never fades. So buy his favourite chocolates. You can even get a few personalized for him.

They definitely come as a side to make the occasion sweet in addition to the material gift you purchase with a better shelf life.

6. Outing

Surprise him with an outing specially planned for him to a place, he likes going to. We do not imply that it should empty your pocket here but a place where nearby that he is really fond of.

Have your chosen gift placed there beforehand to surprise him at every stage of the day. Reiterating to explore the range of exceptional birthday gifts for husband at fufuh to make the day a more memorable one.

7. Tech-savvy gifts

Many feel more inclined towards gifting a useful item to their husbands especially if he belongs to the tech-savvy category. Do not feel disheartened if as a wife you do not belong to the same. The internet is flooded with guides on buying the best product to suit your need within your budget.

8. Funny gifts

Why not add some fun to your already romantic relationship by choosing a funny gift. Consider ordering fun cards that are both fun and intimate to know more about your husband and add more passion to the day.

If you want to stick to useful funny stuff then choose a diary with some funny image or quote from amazon

9. Couple gifts

It is the newest trend in making great vibes. If it is to be cherished for life then why buy something just for husband on his birthday rather buy something that reminds you both that you complete each other. You can think of buying couple rings or bracelets or much more.


Men will always be gadgets freaks. They will melt looking at gadgets as a woman would at jewellery. If your husband loves movies buy him the latest home theatre and set it up or buy him the latest phone with the features that would be useful for him.

You can also buy him a PlayStation or if he is a fitness freak get him a gadget related to it. It will make him smile wider than ever.

So plan the special birthday for your beloved and make it an experience of their lifetime

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