Rahul Gandhi thanks MODI for a historical budget in 2024

Rahul Gandhi condems Nehru for Falling finances and Rising Nationalism in budget 2024

Rahul Gandhi sarcasm on budget 2024 and Finance Minister has created ‘Chronology samajhiye’ like fear in Nirmala Sitharaman and Russian government. His sweet sarcastic and fumbling funny one liners were hallmark of his press conference.

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Delhi JAL board was unable to meet sudden rise in demand for drinking water from Lutyens Delhi. It is reported that FIANCE secretary and officials of Finance ministry are drinking water faster than it is coming in Delhi taps while preparing answers for Rahul Gandhi’s questions.

This kind of crisis had only happened due to harmonic chanting of Rajnikant and his jokes. Rahul Gandhi satirical remarks were politically precise on Finance Minister and this news was methi marijuana for TV anchors. Ravish Kumar official with nothing official was seen doing Holi Dance in a lungi afterattending press conference,Anjana Om kashyap now wanted a full role in movies instead of just 20-30 seconds appearances, Rahul kanwal wanted to bat at no. 2 in IPL 2024 continously murmuring to sad Sardesai that he is Rahul Dravid of his company.

Some communist jounalists were still holding onto Rahul Gandhi political photos like a kangaroo kid looking for its lost mom .Time magazine has confirmed Nasa scientist predictions about 1% rise in sea level due to tears of happiness coming from Congress headquarters. Lets us analyse what this Rajkumar Rahul Gandhi had raised about Gajendra Modi Budget in his Press conference.

Rahul Gandhi jolted the press conference with the hard hitting question of no income tax for nursery kids.These conglomerates generate wealth from experienced rich investors like grandparents,uncles,aunties from different countries.

Yet their black money is still lying in the safe heavens of their piggybanks.

Rahul thinks that taxing them will help government to transfer Rs 15 lacs under DBT scheme within few hours of taxing these rich entities.

Rahul Gandhi satire on buget Finance Ministe

Rahul said “No infrastructure fund of Pikdaani allocated for security watchmen or Chowkidars in this year budget .Prime Minister despite being the chowkidaar for 6 years has not allocated any fund for basic Pikdaanis Fund to take care of his chowkidaar friends.

Rahul also critised in a satirial way “Government is divisive in nature and has further divided the income tax slabs into more categories in budget 2024.

This kind of divisive economics by Finance Ministry leads to mental imbalances in poor billionaires who feel left out.

They loose their piece of mind when they are forced to use only one slab and missing benefits of all other slabs.

Health Ministry has tabled a report mentioning all such poor patients suffering from ‘missed opportunity in tax saving’ syndrome. Café Coffee Day promoter was reported to show same syndrome before his suicide.

Rahul Gandhi started crying while explaining the fact that despite strict guidelines of IMF to keep ths year budget speech for less than 1 hour,FM Nirmala Sitharaman went on for 2.5 long hours.This has lead to huge losses to the tune of 1 lakh crore to the exchequers due to extra light,electricity bills.

After this press conference, Dr Manmohan Singh was seen wiping tears and smiling hardly for nano second which only HD DSLR cameras with Crying intelligence chip could capture.

Sonia Gandhi was seen preparing AARTI thali and Smriti Irani tweeting about MELODI with a melody khao khud jan jao quote requesting Man-an-niya PM to change her parliamentary constituency. This 50 year old new Rahul Gandhi with his views on budget 2024 has jolted Finance Ministries of the Universe looking for asylums on MARS.


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