How to apply for ration shop dealership in telangana

Ration shop dealership apply in telangana

Central government has announced the more shop under PDS will in all over India.
For this, Telangana State government had announced the increase the shop of Public Distribution System (PDS) [जन वितरण प्रणाली राशन दुकान].

Under the scheme there will be thousands of PDS shop will be open in states. For this, government will issue the license for open ration shop. This shop will be open in every village and mohallas of town.
For take the license of PDS dealership, you have to apply in office of collector of your district. Under PDS shop, you have to sell kerosene oil, sugar, rice, wheat, coarse grain and other articles.

PDS is a scheme which is run by central government. In this scheme the poor public of India have to right get food in cheap price. Under this scheme, beneficiary BPL family gets rice @ rs. 3/kg, wheat @ Rs. 2/ Kg. , coarseand grains @ Rs. 1/Kg, sugar @ Rs. 13/50/Kg. Beneficiary family can take maximum 35 kg grain in each month. Under this scheme the beneficiary family may be from APL, BPL, AAY income group family.

Under PDS system there are 10 crore families are getting cheap grains.
The notification for issue PDS license issues by district magistrate of district. The entire process of apply for PDS shop is given in the notification of new PDS.

The new notification for new PDS shop has been issued for following states –
Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
West Bengal

For apply for ration card, you have to file application form in office of Sub-District Magistrate. For the apply ration card, you have to submit Aadhar card, Income-proof, residential proof with application form.

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