Vacation Leave Letter Format

Vacation Leave Letter Format, Vacation Leave Format: A Vacation Leave letter is supposed to be respectful, complete, and clear. As you search for the Vacation Leave letter samples, Please keep these key points in mind. Vacation Leave Application Format, Vacation Leave Application in Doc. Download Vacation Leave Application Format in MS Word Format.

How to Write a Vacation Leave letter?

Prepare notes beforehand: Gather your thoughts and think carefully before you begin to write. Major part of your letter will consist of dates, facts, details, and guidance for your employer in your absence, so you don’t want to skip anything important accidently

Focus on important details: You may want to express how much you’ll miss this place while you’re gone, but focus on core information first.

Be Courteous: Even if your employers are bounded by law to hold your position while you’re gone, its always good to be thankful and express it. It never hurts to thank.

Double check: After you share your letter with your employer, gain confirmation that both of you are on the same page regarding dates and expectations. Do this before you walk out the door.

If you are looking for Vacation Leave Letter Format in MS word and pdf for various vacancies. Here you can download many Vacation Leave Letter Format in word format. This Vacation Leave letter is designed for both fresher’s and experienced professionals. If you think your Vacation Leave Letter is ready to provide your resume with some helpful back up, create it now.

How to Format a Vacation Leave Letter?

  • First will be the introduction paragraph, where you will introduce yourself and in a polite way you should get to your point. Your introductory paragraph should give a basic idea to a reader about your Vacation Leave application.
  • Next, will be the body of a letter in which you can include the reason for Vacation Leave and other facts related to dates. Ensure that in the body of a letter, you include all the required critical details without exaggerating.
  • Last will be the concluding paragraph where you should successfully sign-off in a respectful and a polite way.

Your Vacation Leave letter, like below Vacation Leave letter samples, will consist of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Begin with a brief and polite introduction that talks directly about the point (for example, “As you know, I will be taking a temporary period of Vacation Leave this summer to travel to Belgium to complete my dissertation”).

The body of your letter will include the important information that your employer should know about your departure date, return date, expectations upon your return, and anything you expect your employer to do, handle, or monitor during your absence (you may want to break these items into distinct bullet points for the sake of clarity). Your final sign-off should be polite and respectful.

Common Vacation Leave Letter Mistakes –

As you draft and edit your letter, use these Vacation Leave letter samples as a model and watch out for the following common mistakes:

Erroneous details: Cross check to make sure your factual information is correct. Check your departure date, return date, reasons for leaving, and cite the company or legal policies that protect your job while you’re gone.

Skipping your contact information: Make sure your boss knows how to reach you in the event of news or emergencies. If you don’t want to be contacted, make this clear.

Leaving room for misinterpretation: Some of your responsibilities may be difficult to explain, but find a way. If your letter contains even a small degree of ambiguity, you may find yourself returning to a mess.

Too much detail: If you ramble on for too long, your most important information may slip through the cracks. If possible, limit your letter to one or two pages at the most.

Vacation Leave Letter FormatVacation Leave Application Format

Here we are Providing Some Samples for Vacation Leave Letter Format. You may check these formats online and we also upload these files in MS Word Format so after check Samples of Vacation Leave Letter Format you may download these samples in MS Word. We upload many type of Vacation Leave Letter Format. Now check Vacation Leave Letter Format samples from below –

Format 1

Employee’s Name
Employee’s Address
City, State, Zip Code


Supervisor or HR person’s Name
Company’s Name
Company’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

Re: Request for one week vacation leave

Dear Sir/Madam,

This mail/letter is a formal request for one week’s vacation leave from DATE to DATE. I will be back to work on DATE. My wife and I are planning a vacation for the first time in five years.

All of the assignments that I am working on will be completed before the leaving date. I have asked other members of my team to make sure that all of my responsibilities are taken care of while I’m away, and they have agreed. My team leader has agreed with my vacation request. I have enclosed a letter from her

If you have any questions or considerations, I can be reached at 555-123-4567 or a While on vacation, I will be checking my email every day, so I can be reached if it is urgently needed.

Thank you for considering my request. Please let me know if my vacation request has been approved at your earliest convenience, so I can finalize our flight and hotel bookings.

Employee’s Signature
Employee’s Name in Print
List of enclosures

Download vacation leave letter format in word

Format 2


David Miller, Sales Manager
100 Broadway Lane
New Orleans, xx, 91010

Dear Mr. Miller,

At this time, I would like to put in my request for one week’s vacation which would run from November 24, 2014 to December 1, 2014. My family and I would like to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with our extended family back east and we need to start making arrangements now in order to make the trip as comfortable as well.

In anticipation of my vacation, I have already started to put together all of the necessary templates I will need to fill in for October sales numbers and November sales projections. I have also discussed my vacation with my colleagues and have several people who are more than willing to attend to my customers while I am gone. I will take the time to make personal introductions over the phone between my customers and the stand-in sales representatives before I leave.

If you need to discuss this any further or need clarification on this request, please feel free to call me at (552) 445-2321, or email me at Your response to this issue would be greatly appreciated so that I can begin to make the necessary arrangements.

Sincerely Yours,

Ted Lector


Format 3

Jesse R. Perez, HR Manager
Smith Communications
839 Red Rock Road
Columbus, OH 43266

Dear Mr. Perez,

I am writing this letter to formally request my vacation leave ahead of time. I would like to take my vacation time for the dates of September 1, 2013 through September 21, 2013 in order to take a cruise trip through the Bahamas with my wife. I think you will find that I have not used up enough vacation days this year to prevent me from being absent from work for this length of time and have always endeavored to conduct myself with integrity in the office.

I am planning to finish all currently incomplete projects between now and September 1, 2013 and send in any remaining ones by fax. I feel very confident that the rest of the team will be able to continue excellent work in my absence. If there are any important work-related questions or concerns, I can be reached by email during my leave at [email] and will respond when time and an Internet connection become available to me.

If any clarification or follow-up from me is needed in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at the address already provided above, or by telephone at (632)470-5622. I look forward to your response and thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

William Smith

William J. Jones
Assistant Manager
zeeo Communications

Format 4

March 26, 2013


Mr. Mark Giles
XYZ Services Ltd.

Dear Mr. Giles,

I am writing this letter/mail to request a vacation leave from December 1, 2022 to December 10, 2022. I have planned to go to the Bahamas to spend some time away with my family. We have been planning this trip for over a year now, and as my leave balance would indicate, I have not taken any extended leaves ahead of this trip.

The project that my team is currently working on is in its final stages with most of the work completed. I believe my capable team members will be able to manage the remaining work and finish the project well before the deadline. However, I recommend Ms. Jenna to be assigned my responsibilities in my absence as she is the senior most member of the team after me and has been engaged with this project right from the start.

Furthermore, in case of any unexpected developments or emergencies, I shall be available for contact on phone and through e-mail.

I am looking forward to a favourable response to my leave application.

Sincerely yours,

Adam Smith