Top 10 free fire players in india

Garena Free Fire is one of the most trending titles in Battle Royale category right now. The game is loved by millions around the world and has a massive following in India.

The game’s ever-growing popularity has also led many top Indian gamers to compete in national and international Free Fire tournaments to prove their mettle on the platform. Today, we take a look at some of the best Free Fire players in India:

TSG Jash

TSG Jash is certainly one of the very best Free Fire players in India who is part of the TSG Squad. For those unaware, the TSG Squad was one of the two Indian representatives that had participated in the Free Fire Asia Invitation last year.

TSJ Jash is ranked among the top 1% Free Fire players in the world who holds high scores in almost every game mode.


JIGS is also part of the BOSS guild group who is also currently ranked in the top 1% and has scored 3212. JIGS has been active in the squad games in ranking mode.


Rakesh00007 is part of the BOSS guild group. Similar to S K Sabir, Rakesh has a decent KD and headshot rate. For solos, his KD and headshot rates are 2.00 and 100%.

This is mainly because he has just played one game in solos. As for duos and squad, his KD rates are 7.08 and 6.31 respectively with headshot rates of over 42%. He was able to score 3143 points in the Elite pass season and is ranked in the top 1%.

S K Sabir

S K Sabir is also part of the group BOSS guild and has a score 2669 with tier Diamond I. In solo games, Kabir has a KD rate of 2.72 and a headshot rate of 26%. As for duos, his KD rate is 8.45 and a headshot rate is 11%. He currently ranks in the top 22%.

Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is a popular Indian Free Fire player who was able to get into the top 22% position in the world in Free Fire Season 12. Sudip has a total score of 2653 and is mostly popular for his headshots and close combat skills.


Ajjubhai94 is a member of Team I of Arrow clan. He has scored 2922 points and is in the top 11% in the world. He is mostly active in Squads where his current tier is Diamond III. His winning rate in all the modes is pretty equal; however, his KD rate in Squads is 4.04 which is quite impressive.

TSG Ritik

TSG Ritik is part of the TSG Army and is also among the 22% Free Fire players in the world right now with around 2650 points. Ritik isn’t really popular known for close-combats; however, he has a Diamond 1 rank in the Season 12 of Free Fire.


Gyan is in the top 27% in the world with a total score of 2568. He also has a popular YouTube channel called Gyan Gaming where he regularly uploads gaming content for followers , including game broadcasts, tips, and more.


NayeemAlam is one of the top experienced Free Fire players in India with more than 1300 squad games in the ranking mode of Season 12. He has been very active in Squad games and doesn’t play much in solo and duos. He’s part of the ‘WHATTHEF**K’ clan and has a total score of 2497 and also ranks in the top 27% right now along with Gyan.


Bolt is another popular Free Fire player who has done more than 2300 points and ranks in the top 39% right now.  He is best known for his sharpshooting capabilties in the game and has a 3+ Kill-Death Ratio with the headshot percentage of over 20.