Sun TV Top 10 movies by Dr. R. Suresh Kumar in 2024

Sun TV Top 10 Movies is a countdown show. This show airs on the channel Sun TV. It is a Tamil countdown show that airs one day in a week. It gives you the list of top ten Tamil movies that are released that week. The show is like a news show which only features top movies of the week.

The movies featured in the show are chosen based on the rating for its performance in theaters after release. The audience reactions and interviews are also taken into account before short listing the top ten movies.

The show is a guide to cine-goers in Tamil Nadu and worldwide. It helps the public to know what movies have recently released, which movies are available for them to watch and which would be their best choice to watch. It also features small interviews and comments of the viewers who are interviewed just as they are coming out of the theaters after watching the movie. Their reactions give a realistic assessment and reflection of how the film has been received by the masses.

The show also takes into account reports received on how the movies are fairing regarding the box office collections and foot falls in the theaters in and around the state of Tamil Nadu.

More or less, the show is a well-evaluated platform for viewers to know more about their favorite movies and how they are doing in the theaters and then make a choice as to whether to watch the movie or not. To maintain the interest of its audience, the show also has a segment for recently released Hollywood movies where they evaluate the Hollywood releases on their box-office collations and reviews from the public.

The show is being hosted by Dr. R. Suresh Kumar. A medical microbiologist by profession with a Ph.D in Leptospirosis, Dr.Kumar has panache for creativity for visual media. Though he has been a teacher in medical colleges, he likes to dedicate his spare time to his interest in film making and knowing more about the industry.

his opinions about the movies and their reviews are realistic and becomes easy to penetrate more into the masses as he is non industry person .Dr Suresh has also anchored many other interviews and special programs with celebrities and VIPs. He is also a news presenter on Sun TV itself.