Sania Mirza Divorce: Rumours confirmed and Shoaib Malik Marries again

Sania Mirza Divorced Shoaib Malik

Rumors surrounding the probable separation of power couple Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik, which initially surfaced in November 2022, have regained momentum in the spotlight. Despite a brief rest to the rumours when the duo collaboratively hosted ‘The Mirza Malik Show’ and Shoaib publicly expressed missing Sania during Eid, recent developments have reignited the speculation.

Sania Mirza Divorce

The speculation initially subsided after their joint professional venture and Shoaib’s poignant remarks about missing his wife on a special occasion. But, the grapevine was set abuzz again this year as eagle-eyed observers noted a subtle yet significant change in the Pakistani cricketer’s Instagram bio. Shoaib Malik, in a noteworthy alteration, removed the previously clearly visible phrase that identified him as “Husband to a Superwoman @mirzasaniar.”

The adjustment to Shoaib’s social media profile has fueled new speculation, prompting fans and media alike to scrutinize the state of the celebrated couple’s relationship. The couple, known for their high-profile status in both the sporting and entertainment arenas, has yet to officially address or dispel the swirling rumors.

The meticulous deletion of Sania’s Instagram feed, marked by the removal of shared moments with Shoaib, has not gone unnoticed by keen-eyed followers. As fans attempt to decipher the implications of this digital purge, conjecture about the status of their relationship has reached a fever pitch.

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While both Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik have refrained from making any official statements addressing the rumors, the subtle yet symbolic move on social media has only fueled the curiosity surrounding their personal lives. Social media users and celebrity-watchers are left speculating about the significance of this virtual distancing in the context of the separation rumors that have persisted since November 2022.

As the separation whispers persisted, followers of the dynamic duo remain on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting any official statements or clarifications from Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik regarding the status of their relationship. But seems both have been divorced after the photos of Shoaib Malik second marriage were revealed.

Shortly after former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik revealed his intention to enter into a second marriage with actress Sana Javed, reports came out indicating that Sania Mirza, the former India tennis player and Malik’s first wife, had unilaterally divorced him. As per family source, the divorce was characterized as a ‘khula,’ a term referring to the right of a Muslim woman to initiate a unilateral divorce. Interestingly, the initial PTI report referred the statement to Imran Mirza, the father of Sania.

On Saturday, Shoaib Malik shared a photograph on instagram alongside actress Sana Javed , captioning it with the words, “And We created you in pairs.” The duo has collaborated on many television shows and TV commercials in Pakistan, establishing a close professional association over time.

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